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Roget English Root Algilez Algilez English    
001a be, is, am, was, are, will be, were r b biz; bez to be, being; am, is, are G F GF
001aa i.e.   biz     G  
001b exist, existence, being, to be r bo boiz; to exist
001c appearance (to come into being)   gbo gboiz to appear  
001d real, reality, actually, really r ril rila; rilex really; actually: realistic G F GF
001f become, becoming r bu buiz; to become, to make G F GF
002a non-existence, blank   zabo      
002b nullification, annul, abolishment (active)   unbo unboiz to nullify  
002c extinction, die out (passive)   buzabo buzaboiz to become extinct  
002d unreality   zaril      
002e unborn   zabf      
002f conditional, would, hypothetical r2 az      
002fa conditional, hypothetical topic   azex      
003a substance, something r sab      
003b substantiality, tangibility   sabex      
004a insubstantiality   zasabex      
004b insubstantial thing   zasabef      
005a intrinsicality   inbo inboa subjective (view of things)  
005aa ego   inboex inboexa egoistic  
005b essential part, pith, principle, essence r pif   core F
005c character, quality, tone (active) r ex exa; exiz; -ex ism, -ness, -opy, -thy, -bility G F GF
005ca standard of living   exviv      
005d can, ability to ..., -ible, -able r iba loviba, soniba to be lovable, singable G  
005e heredity, ancestry, inherited characteristic   kenex kenexa inherited, genetic  
005e personality, character, essence, nature   boex   characteristic G F GF
005g temperament, mood r mud muda moody G F GF
005ga good tempered, good mood   gudmud gudmuda good tempered G  
005gb bad tempered, bad mood   badmud badmuda bad tempered G  
006a extrinsicality, objectivity   osboex osboexa objective (view of things)  
007a state, physical condition, such, so r stit stitiz to feel (passive), feels G F GF
007aa format, plan or design of something   dinstit      
007b modality, style r stl      
007c matching style, suite   amstl amstla matching  
007ca unit of matching style, suite   amstlat      
008a circumstance, status, situation, so r stas      
008c juncture, turning point r juk      
008d if, provided that, should it be, r2 if   so long as F
009a relation, relatedness, link, depend r rel rela with regard to, relating to G F GF
009b relativeness, relevance, apply to   relex relexa applicable, relevant  
009c relationship   relk     G  
009d referral, reference, relate to   relid      
009e about, concerning, regarding, for (prep/conj) r ab abiz relate to, apply to, concern G F GF
009ea 's, about, concerning, regarding, for (suffix) r ba     G  
009faa whoever (the person that ...) + verb   pexa peca    
009fba whatever (the thing that ...) + verb   efxa efca    
009fca whichever (that which ) + verb   sexa seca    
010a unrelatedness, whatever, whichever, whoever   zarel zarela=zaab regardless; anyway, all the same, nevertheless,  
010c irrelevance   zarelex      
010d whether or not (regardless)   zaif      
010e not depend, independent of   zadap      
010fa verb + whoever (regardless of who)   zaabpe enpe    
010fb verb + whatever (regardless of what)   zaabef      
010fc verb + whichever (regardless of which)   zaabse      
010fd however, still (regardless of that)   zaabca     G F GF
010fe however much (regardless of quantity)   zaabje      
010ff whenever (regardless of time)   zaabte      
010fg wherever (regardless of place)   zaabas      
011a consanguinity, kinship, relations r ken   akin; related  
011aa kinsman, relative, relation   kenpe      
011ab next of kin   kenpe niruma      
011b uncle/aunt r onk      
011ba uncle   onkil     G F GF
011bb aunt   onkel     G F GF
011bc nephew   sibcuil     G F GF
011bd niece   sibcuel     G F GF
011c cousin r kos     G  
011ca cousin (male)   kosil      
011cb cousin (female)   kosel      
011d family r fam     G F GF
011da mother   prel     G F GF
011daa mum (mother) r m     G F GF
011db grandparent   prpr     G  
011dba grandmother   prprel     G F GF
011dbb granny, nan   prm     F
011dc father   pril     G F GF
011dca dad r p     G F GF
011dd grandfather   prpril     G F GF
011dda granddad   prp     G F GF
011de child, offspring r2 cu     G F GF
011dea son   cuil     G F GF
011deb daughter   cuel     G F GF
011dec grandson   cucuil     G F GF
011ded granddaughter   cucuel     G F GF
011dee grandchild   cucu      
011def only child, single child   anocu     G F GF
011df sibling r sib     G F GF
011dfa brother   sibil     G F GF
011dfb sister   sibel     G F GF
011dfc half brother   duatsibil     F
011dfd half sister   duatsibel     F
011dg family member   fampe     G  
011e step (new relation by parents marriage)   nunup ... nunupa step-... F
011ea step family   fam nunupa   F
011eb step mother, stepmother   prel nunupa     F
011ec step father, stepfather   pril nunupa     F
011ed step brother   sibil nunupa     F
011ee step sister   sibel nunupa     F
011ef step son   cuil nunupa     F
011eg step daughter   cuel nunupa     F
011f in-laws (parents in-law)   nuppri nuppril, nupprel    
011fa father-in-law   nuppril      
011fb mother-in-law   nupprel      
011fc brother in law   nupsibil sibil nupila, nupil sibela   G F GF
011fd sister in law   nupsibel sibel nupila, nupel sibila   G F GF
011fe son in law   nupcuil nupil cuela    
011ff daughter in law   nupcuel nupel cuila    
011g race, people r peg pega ethnic G F GF
011ga tribe   fampeg      
011gb ethnic minority   utje pega      
012a correlation, double relationship   duorel duorela correlative  
012aa each other   icdif      
012ab each other (person)   icdifpe      
012b mutual (friend etc)   alvo alvoa mutual, common  
013a same, identical, as, as if, like, likewise, alike r am ama; amiz; am- same as, also; make the same as G F GF
013b match (sameness), share   amk amka matching  
013c as well as, same as, besides   amkom     G  
013d identify with (consider to be same as you)   suam suamiz to identify with (someone)  
013e identify (treat as the same)   amid amidiz    
014a contrariety, opposite r op opiz; opa do you mind ...; conversely G F GF
014aa opposites (things)   opefi      
014b polarity (opposite extremes)   opum      
015a difference, alternative, another, else r dif difiz; difa differ; different, other G F GF
015b differentiation, difference between   difid difidiz; to differentiate F
015c variation   difk difkiz; difkiza to vary; various F
015ca variant   difef      
015cb variety   difag      
015cd variableness   difix difixa variable  
016a even, uniform (type or sort) r vun vuna uniform G F GF
016b uniformity   vunex     G  
017a non-uniformity   zavunex      
018a similarity, resemblance, seem, like, take after r sim simiz; sima simulate, resemble; similar to G F GF
018b assimilation, make like   simid simidiz; simida make like; simulating  
018c analogue, likeness, match   simk      
018ca analogue (electronic recording, signal etc)   simex      
018d lifelike   vivsim      
018e false teeth, dentures   simtuf simtufi    
019a dissimilarity, diversity   opsim opsima various, dissimilar, diverse F
020a imitation   kopex kopexiz; kopexa to imitate;  
020c artificial (not natural)   opnat      
020d copy, do likewise, duplicate   amdo     G F GF
020e mimicry, put on, take off r mik      
021b non-imitation   zakopex      
021a originality   jinex      
021aa innovation   jink      
021c inimitable   zakopib zakopiba    
022a copy r kop     G F GF
022aa duplicate (exact copy)   zakkop     F
022ab blind copy (bcc)   sakkop      
022b copier   kopr      
022c photocopy   pritkop     F
022ca photocopier   pritkopr      
022d dummy, manikin,   koppe     F
023a prototype, original, draft   anase      
023b pattern (original shape copied from)   jinxap      
023ca mould, shape   xapxel      
024a agreement, accord r gri griiz to agree with G F GF
024aa concur, agree in opinion   fogri     F
024b endorsement, support   griid griidiz to endorse, support  
024c conformance, congruence   griod      
024d appropriateness, fitness (for purpose), suitability r prop propa; propiz fit, suitable, apt, proper; to make fit G  
024da adaption, adjustment, modification   propcj propcjiz to modify, adjust, adapt  
025a disagreement   opgri opgriiz to disagree with  
025aa fall out (of friendship)   unfren      
025b inaptitude, unfitness   opprop      
025c misfit   propoc   mismatch  
025d controversial   opgriex      
026a quantity of, amount of, worth (not financial) r je     G  
026b any amount (some)   enje      
026ca that much   ce je      
026cb bucketful   bokje      
026cc cupful   kepje      
026d finite quantity, quota   fuje      
027a degree, scale, ratio, graduation r skl skla gradual G F GF
028a equalness, equality r ek ekiz; eka to make equal; equal G F GF
028b equivalence   ekex ekexa    
028ba equivalent   ekef      
028bb counterpart, equivalent person, peer   ekpe      
028c balance, equilibrium, stability   ekk ekka balanced, stable G F GF
028d equalisation, draw, tie, equalness   ekid ekidiz to equalise; G  
028e compeer, peer   ekpe      
029a inequality   opek opekiz; opeka to make unequal; unequal  
029b inequivalence   opekex      
030a average r vj     F
030b arithmetic mean, average   vjnum      
030c median, middle number in list   midnum      
030d arithmetic mode   feumnum      
030e common man, average person   vjpe      
031a compensation, reparation, allow for r kp   make up for G  
031b offset, allowance   kped     G  
031c recouping, recovering   ritiz      
032a greatness (size, intensity etc) r2 em emiz to grow, enlarge, increase G F GF
032b great quantity, widespread   emje      
032c abundance   momje      
032d large quantity of things, bulk, many   omje xip omjea bulk carrier  
032f most, greatest, maximum, ...est, r um umiz; uma maximise; most/greatest G F GF
032fa almost, nearly   umix      
032g much, a lot, very, so r2 em ve ?   F
032ga such, that much, so much, so   ceem xeem this much F
032h extensive   rajem rajema extensive  
032i flagrant   emoc emoca flagrant  
032j exorbitant, extreme   momem momema exorbitant, extremely  
033a smallness in size, intensity etc, rather, slight r2 et eta small, a little, rather, quite G F GF
033b particle, very small thing, speck   etef      
033c small quantity, few, some   otje otjea few G  
033d the least, minimal, hardly, barely   utex utexa hardly, minimum G F GF
033e only, just, not more than   zamu zamua not more than G F GF
034a seniority, superiority r ep epa senior, upper, dominant  
034b champion, star, senior, superior   eppe      
034c top (prestigious) place, position   eppas     F
034d advantage, vantage, favouring   epex     G F GF
034e promotion (in job etc)   epmu adepmuiz to be promoted  
035a inferior, undesirable r oc oca    
035b inferiority, disadvantage, drawback   ocex     F
035c lesser, under, junior (rank etc)   tuep      
035ca lowest, underdogs, bottom rung etc   opep opepo the bottom (e.g. job) F
036a increase, more, grow, go up, step up r2 mu muiz; mua to increase/grow; more than G F GF
036b growth, increasing in size r gro groiz to grow; G  
036ba outgrow something   momgro momgroiz to outgrow  
036c inflation (financial)   muprask      
036d increment   muat   augment F
037a reduced amount of (suffix) r3 tu tuiz; tua to reduce; less than G F GF
037aa to reduce, decrease the root r3 tu tuiz; tua to reduce; less than G F GF
037b too little, under..., not enough r tut tuta insufficient G  
037c crash (wall street), big decrease   tuem      
037d diminution, detraction   tuk adtu    
038a add, addition, another, too, also, plus r2 wu wua additional, additionally G F GF
038ba another one   wuan      
038bb another two   wudu      
038d and, also, r we   F
038e accruement   wuid      
038f impose (something additional)   pelwu      
038g supplement (additional thing to help)   wuef   addendum G F GF
038h surcharge, supplement (additional cost)   wupras     G F GF
039a deduction, subtraction, without, ...less, minus r2 lu luiz to subtract, lose, remove (having previously had) G  
039aa no longer (has or does ...)   lu...      
039b do without, go without   dalu    
040a adjunct, thing added, appendix   wuef      
040b extra, over & above, even, even so   wumu wumua extra F
041a remainder, leavings, the rest of, left r rem remiz to leave something; to leave something G F GF
041b leavings, things no longer required   remef      
041ba leavings, things no longer desired   remoc      
041c survivor (heir to inheritance)   rempe      
042a decrement, thing deducted   luef      
043a mix, mixture (a), blend r mix mixiz; mixa mixing; mixed G F GF
043aa blender (kitchen tool), mixer   mixr      
043ab whisk   hanmixr      
043b mix, a mixture, a blend   mixk      
043c tincture   mixat      
043d bunch, mixed group, lot, medley   mixag      
043e hybrid (breed)   mixbrid      
044a simpleness r sam samiz; sama to simplify; simple F
044b plain, straightforward r pln      
045a union, joining, attachment, enclosure r jon joniz; jona connect; unite; joined, connected G  
045aa firmly joined   jonem jonema firm, fast, secure, fixed G  
045b connection   jonod     G  
045c joinder, attachment, thing attached   jonef jonefiz to affix  
045d partner   jonpe     F
045e conjunction (joined/concurrent events)   jonhp      
045g joint, where things are joined   jonas      
045ga seam (sewn joint in fabrics etc)   jonlin      
045gb pivot joint   pivjon      
045gc sliding joint   slidjon      
045gd clutch (vehicle)   mojonr      
045ge close-coupled (towing arrangement)   nirjon      
045h en-suite (bathroom etc)   jona bfrum jona en-suite bathroom  
045i join up (enlist in military)   miltjon      
045j coalition   poljon      
045k coition, copulation, mating, sex   lbid lbidiz make love, have sex;  
046a apart, disjunction, separateness   opjon opjoniz; opjona to separate; unjoined G F GF
046aa separator, spreader   opjonr  
046b separation, parting, cut off r sep sepiz; sepa to part, to separate; G F GF
046ba separation, parting   sepid      
046bb segregation   sepk      
046c cut, cutting r kut     G F GF
046ca slice   fimkut     F
046caa cut off   okut      
046cab cut out, cut away   sepkut      
046cac cut up   atikut      
046cad mince (cut or chop finely)   etkut      
046cae prune (cut branches etc)   kutat      
046caf grate   bradkut bradkutiz to grate something  
046cag grater (e.g. cheese etc)   bradkutr      
046cb knife   kutr kutriz to knife/stab G F GF
046cba penknife   kutret      
046cbb clip   kutet      
046cbc clipper (e.g. nail clipper)   kutetr      
046cc mow   graskut     G  
046cca lawn mower, grass cutter   graskutr      
046cd chop   kutem     G F GF
046ce plane (tool)   fimkutr xivod shavings  
046da saw r sf      
046db hacksaw   tlsf sf tlya    
046dc power saw, electric saw   leksf sf leka    
046e scissoring r sos      
046ea scissors   sosr     G  
046eb shears   sosrem      
046ec secateurs   hansosr    
046f burst r bs    
046f tear, rend r ter teriz to tear F
046fa tear up   xatter xatteriz to tear up (completely)  
046h dismember   unlm      
046i break, fracture r brek brekiz to break; G F GF
046ia broken   adbrek adbrekiz; adbreka to be broken; broken  
046iba break in   inbrek      
046ibb break out   osbrek      
046ibc break off   obrek      
046ic crack   brekat      
046id split   lenbrek split   G  
046ie smash, break up   xatbrek      
046iea pick axe   brekr      
046if breakable   brekib brekiba breakable  
047a bond, connection   jonk jonkiz; jonka make fast; connected, joined  
047aa plug (e.g. electric) r pag     G  
047ac socket (opposite-plug)   jonus      
047ba rope r rop      
047baa cable, line, hawser (connecting rope)   jonrop      
047bab clothes line, washing line   werwoxrop      
047bac towrope   pulrop      
047bad manila rope, abaca r manila      
047bb string, cord, line   ropet      
047bc chain r cen     F
047bd wire, (metal cord, line) r wir      
047c tackling, rigging (boats & ships) r tk      
047ca harness (e.g. safety harness for people)   petk      
047cb harness (e.g. for horses)   ekwistk      
047cc slings (for cranes etc)   aptk      
047d ligature, binding, ties, lashings r taj tajiz to tie  
047da knot, tie   tajid tajidiz to knot  
047db shoe lace   xutaj      
047dc strap (flat binding)   tajet      
047dd belt r2 belt     G F GF
047e fasten, fastening r fs agfsiz, fasten together F
047ea button r bt     F
047eaa button hole   bthol      
047eab press stud (popper)   presfs      
047eb nail (hammer) r nal      
047eba tack   nalet      
047ebb pin r pn      
047ebc drawing pin   drupn      
047ebe spike, peg (e.g. for tent etc)   nalem      
047ebf staple   papnal      
047ebg stapler   papnalr      
047ebh safety pin   safpn      
047ebi bitts, bollard for rope (on ship or boat)   roppus      
047ebj large bollard for rope (on dock etc)   roppusem      
047ec stitch (fastening made with thread) r stic sticiz to sew, sewing G  
047eca sewing machine   sticxin      
047ecb thimble   dijxid      
047ecc embroidery   nstic nsticiz embroidering  
047ed screw r sku      
047eda screwdriver   skur      
047edb nut (& bolt) r nt      
047edc bolt (& nut) r bl      
047edd washer   blsk      
047ee zip r zip      
047ef lock r lok      
047efa lock something away, somebody up   lokid      
047efb key   lokr     G F GF
047eg buckle r bk      
047g coupling, yoke, fixing clamp r yok yokiz to fix, clamp  
047ga peg (clothes peg for clothes line)   weryok      
047gb clip (fixing clamp), link   yoket     F
047gba paper clip   papyoket      
047gbb hair pin, hair slide   heryok      
047gc anchor, claw   yokr yokriz to anchor  
047gca claw (e.g. crab, lobster etc)   nimyok      
047gd coupling, shackle etc   jonr      
047h girdle, band, sash r ged      
047h waist band   wsged      
047i halter, lead, reins r led      
047ia dog lead   kanisled      
047ib horse reins   ekwisled      
047j glue, adhesive, adhere, paste r glu     G  
047ja gluing, sticking to   gluid      
047k sticky tape, adhesive tape, Sellotape   glutep      
047l cement r smet      
048a coherence, fitting together well, consolidation   jonex jonexiz; jonexa cohere; cohering  
048b cohesion, keeping together   jonid      
048c cohesiveness, forming a whole   jonk      
049a non-coherence   zajonex  
050a combination   jonmix jonmixiz; jonmixa to combine; combined
050b compound   mixod      
051a decomposition, unmerge   unjonk      
051b decay, rot, r dak     G  
051c putrid, off, bad   dakoc      
051d compost   daksl      
052a whole, total, quite r hul hula totally; completely G  
052aa whole time, full time   hulte     G  
052ab whole day   hulde      
052ac comprehensiveness   hulex      
052b world r wl wla global, worldwide G F GF
052ba globalisation   wlix      
052c all, every, all of r al     G F GF
052ca every kind   alse      
052cb everyone, everybody   alpe     F
052cc everything   alef     G F GF
052cd every reason   alre      
052ce every way   alhu      
052cf everyone's   avalpe      
053a part, fraction, bit r3 at atiz; ata to divide (into); partial, partially, a bit G F GF
053b division, divide up   atid atida fragmentary;  
053c piece, bit, part   atef     G F GF
053ca at all, not a bit etc   no an at      
053d section, subdivision, sub group   agat      
053e chapter   bukat      
053f branch, offshoot r brac      
053g limb r lm      
053h part time, part-time   atte     G F GF
053i chief part, gist r jis     F
053j main part of .., most of ..., majority of ...   niral um ?    
054a completeness, thorough, throughout   hulk hulka thorough G F GF
054b fullness, plenitude r fu fua; fuiz full; to fill G F GF
055a incompleteness, absence of r lac      
055b unfinished   opfin      
055c deficit   lacod      
056a make up, composition, constitute r mak maka made of, composed of F
056b contain (as part of composition)   atmak      
057a exclusion, exception, apart from, unless, but, otherwise r zos zosiz, zosa excepting; except, but not (if), unless G F GF
057b unless   opif      
058a component, constituent, ingredient   makat     F
058b member   agpe     G F GF
058ba membership   agpek      
058bb member state   agnax     F
059a extraneousness, abroad r bos bosa foreigner; foreign G F GF
059b foreign country   bosnax     G  
059ba foreigner   bosnaxpe     G F GF
059c stranger, passer-by   zanolpe      
059d intrudance   basoc      
059da intruder (person)   basocpe      
059db intruder (thing)   basocef      
059e alien (from space)   bospltpe      
060a order (arrangement), organisation (of things) r dr driz; dra to arrange, order; orderly, neat G F GF
060aa first (place, position, order)   dr ana     G F GF
060b tidiness, orderliness   drex drexa tidy G  
060c desk tidy   tabdr      
060d file, filing (records, paperwork etc)   rekdr rekdriz to file;  
060da folder (file container)   rekdrag      
060e hierarchy   epdr      
061a disorder, randomness   opdr     G  
061b untidy, messy   opdrex opdrexa untidy G  
061ba untidy, messy person   opdrexpe      
061c confusion, mix up r fux fuxiz to confuse  
061ca to be confused   adfux adfuxiz to be confused  
061cb chaos, major disorder   fuxem      
061cc turmoil   fuxmo      
061d complexity r plek pleka complicated G F GF
062a arrangement, the order of thing   drk      
062b system, way of arranging things, scheme   drhu   pattern, arrangement  
062c sort, sorting   drid      
062d regulation (organising of system)   dred drediz   F
062e coordination   agdr agdriz; agdra to coordinate  
062ea coordinator   agdrr      
062f unravelment, untangle, disentangle   unrev      
062g comb r kum      
063a derangement, disordering   undr      
063b jumble, mixing up with other things   mixoc undrk    
063c tangle, ravel, mixed up with itself r rev      
063d bedevilment, disorder, disarray   droc      
064a ahead (place), forward (in front of), r fron froniz; frona to put in front; before G F GF
064b precedence, place before   fronas      
064c bow (front of ship), forward, fore   xipfas      
065a sequence (ordered chain of events)   pashp      
065aa sequence (of actions in time),   vdoi      
065b consecutive (one after another)   vti vtia consecutive  
065c follow (in place) r fol     G F GF
065d as follows: (example given)   am fol      
065e the place after (following)   folas      
065f the place after (behind, at the back)   riras      
066a precursor, thing before (time), prelude   vef vefa precursory  
066b predecessor   vpe      
066c ancestor   ijken      
066d thing before (in place)   fronef fronefa preceding  
067a sequel, thing after (time)   vef      
067b successor (person)   vpe      
067c descendents   vken      
067d thing after (in place)   folef      
067e retinue   folag      
068a beginning, commence, start r g giz set in, set off, take up, initiate G F GF
068aa launch, initiation of event   ghp      
068b in the beginning, at first   gte     G F GF
068c debut, premiere, first time   feana     F
068d the start, starting place   gas     F
068e launch, launching (ships)   gwt gwtiz to launch F
068ea launch place   gwtas      
068f origin, establishment, initiation r jin jina; jiniz enterprising; establish G F GF
068g resume r rs rswkiz to resume work  
069a finish, end, conclude, terminate r fin finiz; fina to finish; conclude; end; final G F GF
069b final occasion   finfe finfea   G F GF
069ba in the end, finally, eventually   finex finexa    
069c termination place, terminus, end place   finas      
069ca extreme, extremity, pole   ffinas      
069d last (position)   pas fina     F
069f finality (quality)   finex      
069g finality (ending)   fink     G F GF
070a middle, centre, medium r mid mida central, amid G  
070aa amidships, mid ship (middle of ship)   midxip      
070b halfway line, equator   midlin      
071a continue, continuity, maintain r ti tiiz; tia to continue, carry on; continuous G  
071aa continuous (verbs etc)   tiex tiexa    
071b series, serial (of things)   tiod tioda   G F GF
071c and so on, etc., et cetera   tiam      
071d row (line of things)   eflin      
071e set (of things)   efag      
071f TV serial (general)   tevtiod      
071fa TV drama serial   akttiod     G  
071fb TV soap opera   saxtiod      
071g procession   golin      
071h parade   goxol      
072a discontinuity   opti optiiz to discontinue  
073a position, placing, rank, order, place r pas pasiz; pasa to rank something; positioned  
073b front place   fronpas      
073ba first (place, position, order)   ana     G F GF
073bb second (place, position, order)   dua     G F GF
073bc third (place, position, order)   tria     G  
073c stage (position in an ongoing action)   doat      
074a assemblage, grouping, altogether, turn out r ag agiz; aga to group; together G F GF
074aa assembly, getting together of a group   agid     G  
074ab assembly station, muster station   agidas      
074b among, amid   inag     F
074c assembly, mutual group, convention   agmit      
074d company (companionship)   frenag     G  
074e band, action group, team   doag     G F GF
074f sports team   sptag     G  
074g committee   mgag      
074h crew, staff, work team r kru     F
074ha crew member, staff member   krupe      
074i crowd, large group   agem     G F GF
074ia overcrowded   momagem     G F GF
074j bunch, mixed group, lot, medley   mixag      
074k meeting, rendezvous r mit mitiz run into G F GF
074ka appointment   mitte     G F GF
074l run into (meet by chance)   cnmit      
074m accumulation   asag      
074n assemble (join components together)   odag odagiz to assemble something  
075a scatter, dispersion, clear away r xat      
075b scatterer, dispersant (thing)   xatd      
075c splash   likxat     G  
076a focus, meeting place, intense, concentrate r fok foka focal  
076b meeting place   mitas      
076c concentrate (at a place)   fokem      
077a sort , kind, category r se sea a kind of ... ; sort of  
077b class, group, type, version, genre, form, level   seag seaga typical G F GF
077c classification, categorised   seagid      
077d version   sek      
077e A Level (exams)   A seag      
077f gender, sex (male/female) r jn     G  
077g species   vivse     F
077h breed r brid      
077ja first class (quality, superiority)   epana seag ana ?   G  
077jb second class (quality, superiority)   epdua seag dua ?   G  
078a inclusion, comprise, consist of, involve   weid weidiz; weida to include; including, even G F GF
078aa overlap, occur at the same time or place   wubo wuboiz    
078b number with, reckon as   wek      
079a general, generality, broadly r jen jena in general F
079aa generalisation   jenid      
079b universality   jenem jenema universal  
080a speciality, especially, particularly, specific r spex spexa; spexiz especially; special, go for G F GF
080aa specialist (shop, organisation etc)   spexd spexdiz to specialise  
080ab specialist (person)   spexdr      
080ac specification   spexk spexkiz to specify  
080ad speciality dish   spexdix      
080b details, particulars, definition r dit dita defined, detailed, namely G F GF
080ba related details, meaning ...   reldit      
080c particularism   spexox spexoxa particular  
080d self, reflexive r2 su sua, pesua personal  
080da himself   ilsu      
080db herself   elsu      
080dc itself   olsu      
080dd myself   mesu      
080dda ourselves   misu      
080de oneself   pesu      
080df yourself   yusu      
080dfa yourselves   yisu      
080dg themselves   ulisu sui    
080dh other person   opsu      
080e each, per, severally r ic ic ur; ic lit per hour; per litre F
080ea each place   icas      
080eb each one (person)   icpe      
080ec each thing   icef      
080ed each way, method   ichu      
080ee each kind's   avicse      
080ef each one's   avicpe      
081a rule, regular, law of nature r rl rla regular, constant G F GF
081b regularity, evenness, consistent   rlex rlexa consistent F
082a multiformity, variety   omse omsea divers, multiform  
083a conformity, according (to), conventional r kif kifiz; kifa conform, according to G F GF
083b example, for example, such as, e.g. r zm zmiz to give an example G F GF
083bc specimen   zmef      
083c normal, standard, typicality, ordinary, common r nm kifk, kifka, nma normal, usual, typical G F GF
084a nonconformity   opkif opkifa    
084aa miscellaneous   zakif zakifa    
084b non-conformist, nonconformist   opkifpe      
084ba homosexual, gay   amjn amjna    
084bb homosexual, gay male   amjnil      
084bc lesbian, gay female   amjnel      
084bd transvestite   eljnil      
084c abnormality, variance   opnm      
084d strange, unusualness, strangeness, odd r sej seja strange, unusual F
084da strange beast   sejnim      
084daa dragon a drakis      
084e miracle r rak      
085a number r num numiz; to input (dial) a number G F GF
085aa one r an     G  
085ab two r du     G  
085aba both   aldu     G F GF
085ac three r tri     G  
085aca all three   altri     G  
085ad four r fr     G  
085ae five r fav     G  
085af six r sis     G  
085ag seven r sev     G  
085ah eight r ok     G  
085ai nine r nin     G  
085aj ten r ax     G F GF
085aja eleven   axan     G  
085ajb twelve, dozen   axdu     G F GF
085ajc thirteen   axtri     G  
085ak twenty   duax     G  
085aka twenty one   duaxan     G  
085akb twenty two   duaxdu     G  
085akc twenty three   duaxtri     G  
085al thirty   triax     G  
085am hundred (100 = 102) r sen axomdu   G  
085an thousand (1,000 = 103) r kil axomtri   G  
085ao million (1,000,000 = 106) r meg axomsis   G  
085axa odd (number)   annum     F
085axb even (number)   dunum     G F GF
085b numerical element, factor   numd      
085ba multiple   omod      
085bb square   suom      
085bba cube   trisuom      
085bc fraction   atod      
085bca decimal fraction   axat      
085bd root (mathematical)   surat      
085bda cube root   trisurat      
085c rate, ratio r rax     G  
085ca percent, percentage   senat      
085cb sine   opathup      
085cc tangent   opatnir      
085cd cosine   nirathup      
085ce pi r pia      
085d product, answer, numerical result   numk      
085da sum, summation, total r sum     G  
085db total score (in match etc), result   macsum      
085dc score, scoring (in match, competition etc)   sumat sumatiz to score (a point in match)  
085dd marks (for exam, study etc)   kidsum   grade, level, result  
085ea prime (number)   zaatib zaatiba    
085eb positive (number)   muza     F
085ec negative (number)   tuza      
085ed digital (number)   numex numexa    
086a count, calculate, numeration, counting r put putiz; puta work out  
086ab decimal (system)   axmeshu      
086aba decimal point r2 jot      
086b numerical operation, calculation   putdo      
086ba add, addition r2 wu wuiz to add G F GF
086bb multiple, multiply, multiplication r2 om omiz to multiply  
086bc less, subtract r2 lu luiz to subtract F
086bd divide, division r3 at atiz to divide  
086be calculation, result   putk      
086bf numerical operator (+,-,*,/ etc)   numdo      
086c mathematics, maths   putox     G F GF
086ca algebra   sebput      
086da data r dt      
086db database   dtas      
086dc statistics r stat      
086dda demography   pestatox      
086ddb demographics   pestat      
086e computing (electronic)   omput     F
086ea program, programme (computer), software   putprog     G  
086eaa application ('app' for mobile phones etc)   proget     G F GF
086eab toolbar   rlis      
086eac menu bar (computer)   dolis      
086eb word processor   wodputr     F
086ec spreadsheet   proggred      
086er programmer (computer), software engineer   progr   G F GF
086f computer, server   omputr   F
086fa pocket calculator   otputr     G F GF
086fb tablet computer, palmtop   etputr     G  
086fc laptop, notebook computer   omputret      
086fd e-reader   buksrinr      
086g computer hardware, accessories   omputrap      
086ga keyboard (computer)   sebbd     F
086gb mouse (computer)   coskr      
086gc memory stick (computer)   mempag      
086gd dongle programme stick (computer)   progpag      
086ge memory card   memkd      
086gf hard drive   hddos      
086gg floppy disc   memdos      
086gh router   rutr      
086h counting instrument, adding machine   putr     F
086i mathematician   putr      
087a list, inventory r lis     G F GF
087aa shopping list   xoplis     G  
087b table, list   gredlis      
087c directory   drlis     F
087ca telephone directory, phone book   fonlis     G  
088a unity   ank ankiz, anka to unite, united  
088b unit, alone, single, unique, solo, one, individual   ano anoa singular, only (just), alone G F GF
088c one of them   anoli      
088d alone (person), on their own, individual   suano suanoa on their own G F GF
088e alone (person), on my own   meano meanoa on my own  
089a with, accompaniment r vek vekiz; veka to accompany; with G F GF
089aa accompanied by   advek advekiz    
089b come away (request)   ovek     G  
089c concomitant, accessory   vekef      
090a duality, couple, pair, both   duo duoiz twinned G F GF
090b twins (sibling children)   cuduo     F
090ca twin (a sibling)   duosib     G F GF
090cb twin brother   duosibil      
090cc twin sister   duosibel      
090d biped   dufut      
091a duplication, doubling   duom duoma double, twice F
092a half, bisection, halving   duat     G F GF
092b bifurcation, forking   bracsep      
092c dividing line   duatlin      
092da diameter r dom      
092db radius r rad     F
093a triality (trio)   trio trioa in threes  
093b tri-ped   trifut      
093c tripod   trileg      
094a triplication   triom trioma treble, trebly  
095a third, trisection   triat triata divided into three  
096a quaternity, quadernity (quad)   fro      
096b quadruped   frfut      
097a quadruplication   from      
098a quarter, quadrisection   frat     F
099a billion (1,000,000,000 = 109 )   kilmeg axomnin    
099b trillion 1012   axomaxdu      
099c quadrillion 1015   axomaxfav      
100a multisection   omat      
100ba fifth   favat      
100bb sixth   sisat     F
100bc seventh   sevat      
100bd eighth   okat      
100be ninth   ninat      
100bf tenth   axat      
100bg hundredth   senat      
100bh thousandth r mili      
100bha thousandth kilat      
100bi millionth r mikro      
100bia millionth   megat      
101a plural r i ia plural G  
101aa plurality   iex iexa    
101b et cetera, etc, and so on   tiam     G  
102a fraction r3 at      
103a zero, nil, none (no), not any of r2 za     F
103b neither, not one   zaan     G F GF
103c not even ...   zazos     G  
103d none, no quantity   zaje      
103e nothing   zaef     F
103f never, not ever   zate     G F GF
104a much, many, multiple, several, a lot r2 om omiz increase; put up G F GF
104b multitude   omk      
104d majority, greater number   umje      
105a fewness, small amount r ot ota a few G  
105b few, small number   otk      
105ca just, barely (amount, quantity) ...   ottu ottua   G F GF
105cb just, barely (size, volume, quality)   ettu ettua   G F GF
105cc just, not more than, only   zamu      
105d nearly, almost ...   umix     G F GF
105e least r ut uta leastly, hardly G F GF
105fb least amount/number, minority, minor   utje     F
105fc at least, minimum   utnof     G  
106a repeat, repetition r ri ria again G F GF
106b run over, do again, repeat an action   rido     G F GF
106c repetitive   riex      
106d recurrence   rik      
107a inexhaustible   noblityizib noblityiziba    
107a infinity   zafin zafina infinite  
107b innumerable   nonumib nonumiba    
108a time r te teiz; tea spend time, pass the time, elapse; while; when G F GF
108b that time, then, when, whenever   cete     G  
108c any time, ever   ente      
108d sometimes, occasionally   ste   now and again, from time to time G F GF
108e each time   icte      
108f at (time)   e te     G  
108g when? (day, month etc, not hour)   k te      
108h interim, meanwhile, meantime   intte     G  
108i till, until   ute      
108j date r dat datiz; data to date something; dated G F GF
108k part time (job etc)   atte     G  
108l any more (for more time)   mute mutea any more, any longer  
109a never, neverness   zate zatea   G F GF
110b second (time measure) r sek     G F GF
110c minute (time measure) r men     G F GF
110d hour   uro   hourly G F GF
110da hourly   urofe urofea hourly  
110e day (24 hours) r de dea daily G F GF
110ea Monday   Deman   G F GF
110eb Tuesday   Detus     G F GF
110ec Wednesday   Dewed     G F GF
110ed Thursday   Dejev     G F GF
110ee Friday   Defre     G F GF
110ef Saturday   Dest G F GF
110eg Sunday   Dedm     G F GF
110eh daytime (opposite-night time)   solte      
110f week r wik     G F GF
110fa weekly   wikfea      
110fb weekday   wikde      
110fc weekend   wikfin     G F GF
110fd fortnight   duowik duowikfea fortnightly  
110g month r mon     G F GF
110ga January   monan     G F GF
110ga monthly   monfea      
110gb February   mondu     G F GF
110gc March   montri     G F GF
110gd April   monfr G F GF
110ge May   monfav     G F GF
110gf June   monsis     G F GF
110gg July   monsev     G F GF
110gh August   monok     G F GF
110gi September   monnin     G F GF
110gj October   monax     G F GF
110gk November   monaxan     G F GF
110gl December   monaxdu     G F GF
110h year r yir     G F GF
110ha half year (semester)   duatyir     G  
110ha yearly, annual   yirfe yirfea yearly, annual G  
110i decade   axyir      
110j century   senyir     G F GF
110k millennium   kilyir      
111a still, continuing, as before   amv amva   F
111b expiration, lapse, time passed r lap      
111c duration, period, while, for, as r dur duriz; dura to endure; enduring G F GF
111ca as long as, while   amdur      
111cb endurance, passage of time   durk      
111cc durability   durex durexa durable  
111cd during (a particular month etc) r2 e      
112a for the time being, presently   ezdur ezdura for the time being, presently G  
112b until, till, so long as   ute     G F GF
113a diuturnity, long duration, late, long time   durem duremiz; durema long lasting; long (time) F
113b era, age, (stone age etc) r2 ij      
113c outlast   durmu durmuiz; durmua to outlast; outlasting  
113d prolongation, dragging out   duroc duroca protracted, dragged out  
113e long hours (e.g. long time at work etc)   mom uroi      
114a transientness, briefness, temporary r ta     G  
114b moment, brief span, short time   duret dureta   G F GF
114c ephemeral, short lived   tabo taboa    
114d temporariness, provisional   tadur tadura temporarily  
115a perpetuity, permanence, ever   alte altea always, for ever, permanently, eternally  
116a instantaneity, right away, straight away   teut teuta instantly F
116b same time, same instant   amte amtea immediate, directly G F GF
117a chronometry, time measuring   temes temesiz to time something;  
117b time zone   tezon      
117c time system   tedrhu      
117ca Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)   UGV Ur Grenica vja (UGV)    
117cb Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)   UJA Ur Jenema Agdra (UJA)    
117cc put forward (clock)   uzmiz      
117cd put back (clock)   ozmiz    
117d o'clock, clock time, time r ur      
117da what time (o'clock)   k ur     G F GF
117db bedtime   bedur F
117dc peak travel time, rush hour   omgour     G F GF
117dd opening time   pemur     G  
117de a.m.   vnun      
117df p.m.   vnun      
117e timekeeper (machine etc)   temesr ter    
117ea clock r klok     G F GF
117eaa alarm clock   lmklok      
117eab time clock (for work time)   wkklok      
117eac hand (of clock)   kitr      
117eac second hand   kitr seka      
117ead minute hand   kitr mena      
117eae hour hand   kitr ura      
117eb watch (timepiece)   kloket     G F GF
117ec hour-glass   santer      
117f timekeeper (person)   temesr      
117g chronology, sequence in time   tedr      
117h calendar r klen      
117i timetable, schedule   telis     G F GF
118a anachronism   erte ertea misdated  
118b no longer   zaamoz zaamv    
119a before, pre-, fore-, in advance (time), ago r v va prior to, priority G F GF
119b before doing this, before which   vxa   earlier,  
119ba before doing that, before which   vca      
119bb the time before, previous occasion   vfe vfea    
119c already, before the time, in advance   vte     G  
119ca just before   nirv      
119cb shortly before, a little before   otv      
119cc long before   omv      
119d previous day   de va de vra    
119e previous week   wik va wik vra    
119f previous month   mon va mon oza    
119g eve, evening prior to ...   viv      
119h anticipation (think ahead)   vfiz      
120a after, later, afterwards, then, followed by r v va subsequent, next, post, following G F GF
120b after doing this, after which, then   vxa      
120ba after doing that, after which, then   vca      
120c after the time, following   vte      
120ca just after   nirv      
120cb shortly after, a little after   otv      
120cc long after, far after   omv      
120d following day   de va de uza    
120e following week   wik va wik uza    
120f following month   mon va mon uza    
120g since (at-after, from a certain time)   ev     G F GF
121a present time, present, now r2 ez eza now G F GF
121aa present time, the present   ezte eztea presently  
121b topical   ezex ezexa topical  
121c today   ezde     G F GF
121d tonight   eznit      
121e this week   ezwik      
121f this month   ezmon      
121g yet (to this time) r yet     G F GF
121ga not yet   noyet     G  
121h presently, now, currently, this time   xete xetea current, up to date G F GF
121i modern   ezij ezija modern G F GF
122a different (another) time   difte     F
122b nearly (time)   nirte      
122c some day   sde      
123a synchronism, as, same time as, soon as   amte amteiz; amtea to synchronise; simultaneously F
123b then (at that time)   cete     G F GF
123c contemporary   amteex amteexa    
123ca contemporary (person)   amteexpe      
123d by (a time), at-before   ev     G F GF
123ea recent, near this time   nirxete nirxetea   G F GF
123eb around, near that time   nircete nircetea   F
123f as soon as possible, soonest   ubteps ubte umpsa  
124a futurity, future time r3 uz uziz; uza to follow (in time); after G F GF
124b follow (in time)   uzk uzkiz; uzka to follow; after, following G F GF
124ba followed by   aduzk aduzkiz followed by  
124bb after doing ..., after having ...   uzda      
124c subsequent, next, then, after   uza = uzte   F
124c tomorrow   uzde     G F GF
124ca tomorrow morning   uzmn     G  
124d next week   uzwik      
124e next month   uzmon      
124f the future, future time   uzteo     F
124g anticipation (think ahead, look ahead)   uzfiz      
124h posteriority, later time, after   uzte      
125a past time r2 oz oza former; formerly, before G F GF
125aa previous time   te oza      
125ab previous time   ozte oztea previous, of earlier time G F GF
125ac already, before now   vte vtea already, fast (clocks etc) G F GF
125ad earliest (e.g. memory etc), furthest in the past   ozuma      
125b the past   ozteo     G  
125c ago (before this time)   vxete vcete ago G  
125d looking back (thinking about the past)   ozfiz   retrospectively  
125e yesterday   ozde     G F GF
125ea previous day   de oza      
125eb yesterday morning   ozmn      
125ec yesterday evening   oziv     G F GF
125f last week   ozwik      
125fa previous week   wik oza      
125g last month   ozmon      
125ga previous month   mon oza      
125h history r hist histr historian G F GF
125ha historical   histex histexa historical  
125hb history (study of)   histox     G  
125ib stone age   stonij      
125ic iron age   rnij      
125id bronze age   bronzij      
125j classical   ijkac     G  
125k palaeology   ijox      
125l fossil r flos     G  
126a newness, recent, recentness r nu nua new, recently, just G F GF
126b recently, just   nute nutea   G F GF
126c latest, newest   nuum nuuma latest  
126d update (information)   nuinf nuinfiz to update F
126e modern, modernism   ezij ezijiz; ezija to modernise; modern F
126ea ultra modern, state of the art   nuezij      
126f fresh (recent and good condition)   nuex     G F GF
127a oldness, not recent, past, earlier   opnu opnua old, olden  
127b primitive, ancient   ijex ijexa primal, vintage  
127c old fashioned, antiquated   ijfax     G F GF
127d archaism, antiquities   ijap      
127e antique (artefact)   ijef      
127f tradition r trad trada traditional  
127fa custom (social)   tradbev      
128a morning r mn     G F GF
128aa morning, a.m.   vnun     G F GF
128ab early morning   gmn     F
128b sunrise, dawn   solup     F
128c noon r nun     G F GF
128ca midday   midde     G F GF
128d spring (season) r pren     G F GF
128e summer r som     G F GF
129a evening r iv gudiv good evening G F GF
129b late (in the morning)   opgmn      
129c late (in the day)   defin     G  
129d afternoon, p.m.   vnun     G F GF
129e sunset   soldun      
129f night r nit     G F GF
129g midnight   midnit     G F GF
129h autumn r tum     G F GF
129i winter r wint     G F GF
130a youth, youngness r2 ju      
130b toddler   juet      
130c teenage, teen   axiaj     F
130d young age   ajet ajeta young; youthful G F GF
130e minor (under age person, pre-adult)   ozdul     G  
130f to be aged less than ...   ajtu ajtuiz axok less than 18  
130g salad days, youth   jute      
130h immaturity   opajnoj opajnoja immature  
130i childhood   jute      
131a age (in general) r aj ajiz to be aged G F GF
131aa generation (people of a similar age)   ajse      
131b to age something (make it older)   daaj daajiz to make older  
131c older   ajmu ajmua    
131d oldest   ajum ajuma    
131e middle age   midaj midaja middle aged  
131e old, old age, elderly r uj uja old; aged; elderly G F GF
131f elder   ujmu ujmua   F
131g eldest   ujum ajuma    
131h seniority (age)   ujex      
131i gerontology   ujox      
131j old peoples home, retirement home   ujpexo     G  
131k maturation   ajnoj ajnojiz; ajnoja to mature; mature  
131l ripeness   ajex ajexiz; ajexa to ripen; ripe  
132a baby, child, infant r bab     F
132b infancy, babyhood   babaj      
132c child r2 ju jua younger G F GF
132d girl   juel     G F GF
132e boy   juil     F
132f youth, youngster   jupe     F
132g seedling   sidplon      
132ga young plant   juplon      
133a old person   ujpe      
133b old woman   ujel      
133c old man   ujil      
133d old couple   ujduo      
134a adultness, of age r dul duliz; dula to grow up (become adult); adult G  
134b adult (person)   dulpe     G F GF
135a early, earliness, before the agreed time   vete vetea; G F GF
135b anticipation, acting too soon   vetedo      
136a lateness (after correct time)   vete vetea late G F GF
136b delay, hold off, hold up r del     G  
136c defer, postpone, put off   delg delga pending  
137a occasion, right time   krekte krektea timely  
137b punctuality, on time, in time   ete etea   G F GF
137c right occasion, good time   gudte      
137d opportunity (to do something)   staste stastea opportune G  
137e crisis r kris krisa crucial  
137f emergency   krishp      
138a untimeliness   erte ertea ill-timed  
138b bad timing   badte badtea badly timed  
138c inopportune   opstaste opstastea inopportune  
138d unfortunate timing   teoc teoca    
138e another (different) time   difte      
139a frequency, occasion r2 fe     F
139b oftenness, frequency (multiple time)   omfe omfea frequently; often, common G F GF
139ba sometimes, occasionally   sfe sfea now and again, from time to time G F GF
139bb next (after, following occasion)   vfe      
139c again (additional occasion)   wufe     G F GF
139d as usual, usually (most times)   umfe umfea usual G F GF
139e perpetuation, every time, every occasion   alfe alfea always, G F GF
139f each time (frequency, occasion)   icfe      
139ga first time   fean feana   F
139gb second time   fedu fedua    
139gc third time   fetri fetria    
139h last (final) time   fefin fefina   G F GF
139i last (previous) occasion, latter   vfe vfea latter; previous F
139ja once   anfe     G  
139jb twice   dufe      
139jc thrice   trife      
140a infrequency, seldomness   otfe otfea rare; rarely; seldom G F GF
140b rare, rarely, hardly   utfe     G F GF
141a period, periodicity, regularity r reg rega regular  
141b season (of year), term   yirat yirata seasonal G F GF
141c semester   duatyir      
141d anniversary r vus     F
141da birthday (anniversary)   bfvus bfvus hapa happy birthday G F GF
141db name day   namde     G  
141dc wedding anniversary   nupvus      
141e New year   nuyir     G F GF
141ea New year's eve   viv nuyira     G  
141f turn (e.g. your turn to go)   regid regidiz to take turns  
142a fitfulness, irregularity, intermittent   opreg oprega irregular  
142b anytime   ente      
143a change, alter r cj cja changed G  
143b changeableness   cjex   changeable  
143c transformation   sabcj sabcja transformed  
143d evolution   vivcj      
144a permanence, no change, remain r zaj zajiz; zaja remain unchanged; permanent F
145a cessation, stop action, cease, halt r ses sesiz give up; leave off; quit G F GF
145b stopping place, bus stop etc   sesas G F GF
145c become stopped, draw up (to a stop)   buses     F
145d temporary stop, brief halt, interruption   tases tasesiz; tasesa to disturb, bother; interrupted F
145e strike (stop work)   wkses     G F GF
145f close down, cease trading (business)   tridses      
145g breakdown (cars, machinery etc)   sesoc sesociz to break down (stop) G  
145h pause, lull, interval, r ll   break, gap (time) G F GF
145ha lunch break, lunch time   demilll     G  
145hb truce   fitll      
146a continuance in action, keep on, keep up, sustain   tido tidoiz; tidoa to sustain; ongoing G  
146b keep up with (maintain same speed)   amvel      
146c as long as (same duration)   amdur      
146d still, continuing, as before   amv amva still F
147a conversion, turn into   bocj bocjiz; bocja to convert; converted  
147b transition   bocjid      
147c crucible   bocjr      
147d changed person   bocjpe      
147e develop, developing r dv dviz; bomu to develop (incl. film)  
147f development   dvk  
148a undo, reversion, undoing r un un...iz to undo, reverse an action  
149a revolution, revolt, major change   cjem      
150a substitution, instead of, replacement r sb sba instead of F
150aa substitute (thing)   sbef      
150ab substitute (person)   sbpe      
150b or, otherwise, else r2 r     F
151a exchange, interchange, substitute, swap   sbcj     G F GF
151b school exchange   sbcj skula      
152a changeableness   cjex      
152b instability   opsted opsteda    
153a steady, stability, steadiness, settled r sted stediz stabilise; settle, fix  
153b fixture, constant thing, a constancy   stedk      
153c stabilizer   stedr      
154a event, happening, incident, crop up, set up r hp hpiz to happen; occur; turn out G F GF
154b affairs   hpag      
154c in case   ifhp      
154d fate (unknown event of someone etc)   hpk      
154e experience, incur, meet with, find that, encounter r pir piriz to experience something G  
154f issue, consideration   hphid   issue to be considered  
155a destiny   uzk      
155b be about to, on the point of r ub uba impending F
155c shortly, soon   ubte     G F GF
156a cause, arrange, organise r k kiz cause to be, arrange for, get done  
156aa man made   pek      
156b caused by, due to   adk adkiz    
156c seedbed, place of cause   kas      
156d conduce, tend to cause   kix      
156e source   gk      
156ea spring (river)   griv     G  
156f root r rat      
157a effect, result, outcome, turn out, so r k kiz to result in, G F GF
157b effectiveness   kex kexa effective  
157c consequence   khp khpa consequently  
157d then (result of event), in that case   cek if ... cek if ... then  
157e depend (outcome of event) r dap dapiz; to be dependent on ...; G F GF
158a because, owing to, reason why, for, since r re     G F GF
158b any reason   enre      
158c each reason   icre      
158d no reason   zare      
158e hence, thus, therefore, so   xere cere   G F GF
158f in view of the fact that   reid      
158g however, nevertheless, still, but   opre     G F GF
158h account for   reinf      
158i explain   ore oreiz to explain G F GF
159a chance, luck, fortune r cn gudcn; gudcna good luck; luckily, by chance G F GF
159b calculation of chance   cnput      
159c causeless   zak      
160a power r pr pra powerful G F GF
160b force (physical power, energy) r fs fsiz to force, repel  
160c pressure (uniform force over an area) r2 pres presiz to press, apply pressure G  
160ca compress, squeeze   upres      
160caa pinch   upreset upresetiz to pinch G  
160cb press, presser, squeezer   presr      
160cc massage   respres respresiz to massage  
160cd blood pressure   blodpres      
160ce millibar   kilatbr      
160d ability (skill), can, could, (active) r ib ibiz; ibo able to; ability  
160e ought to be able to ...   rtib      
160f able to be ..., passive ability   iba swemiba, soniba swimmable, singable  
160g enable, empower   daib daibiz to enable  
160h energy r nej neja energetic, dynamic G  
160i electricity r lek leka electric G  
160ia power station   lekdas     G  
160ib electrical power supply   lekem      
160ic electrical power supply charger   lekemr      
160id electric plug   lekpag      
160j electronics   leket leketa electronic, digital G  
160k nucleonics r nuk      
161a impotence, lack of power   zapr      
161b helpless, defenceless   zadef      
161c eunuch   luil      
161d ineffectuality   zak      
161e not able to, cannot   noib     G  
161f no ability   zaib zaibiz to disable  
162a strength r xen xeniz; xena to strengthen, back up: strong G F GF
162b fit, fitness (health/strength)   xenex xenexas fitness centre G F GF
162ba keeping fit   xenexid     G  
162c vitality, brawniness   xenk xenka stalwart  
162d unyielding   zayild      
162e manliness   ilex ilexa manly  
162f athletics   bodspt bodspta athletic G  
162fa athlete   bodsptr     G  
162g acrobatics r krob krobr acrobat  
162h gymnastics r jim jimrumem, jimas gymnasium, gym G F GF
163a weakness (physical) r wak waka weak G  
163aa weakling   wakpe      
163b unfit (physically)   zaxenex     G  
163c disabled (unable to ...)   unib uniba disabled  
163d crippled, lame, physically disabled r lem      
163e disabled (physically impaired)   luib luiba disabled, impaired  
164a producing, delivering r d     G  
164ba producer (person)   dr      
164bb producer (thing)   dr      
164c industry   dem dema industrial G F GF
164d production place, factory, plant   das      
164da factory building   dbud     G F GF
164db assembly line   dlin     G  
164dc factory worker   dasr      
164e home made, homemade   xod     G  
164f built structure r bud budiz, buda to build, construct, put up G F GF
164fb building, premises (used by people)   pebud     G F GF
164fba high, skyscraper   tulpebud      
164fbb tower block   pebudem     G  
164fca sandcastle   sanks      
164fcb pyramid   piramid      
164g infrastructure   sapdrhu      
164h building site, construction site   budas      
164ha builder, construction worker   budr      
164j architecture   pebuddin      
164ja architect   pebuddinr      
164k engineering   ddin      
164ka engineer   ddinr     G F GF
164l creation, invention r krat kratiz; to create, devise G  
164la creator, inventor   kratr      
164lb creation (thing)   kratod      
164lc originality, creativeness   kratex      
164m product of, produced by r od odiz make, produce, build G  
164ma manufacturing (large production)   odem odemiz to manufacture  
164mb manufacturer (company)   odemg      
164n produce, gains, results, harvest, turn out   odk   product, output, make G F GF
165a destruction r duc duciz; duca to destroy; destroyed G F GF
165aa consume (overwhelm, destroy)   ducit      
165b be destroyed   adduc      
165c vandalism   ducet     G F GF
165d havoc, disaster   duck      
165e ruin, wreck, wreckage r ruc      
165ea shipwreck   xipruc xipruca    
165f demolition, break down, pull down   unbud unbudiz dismantle  
165fa deforest   untreag     G F GF
165h suppression, repression, keep down r pes      
165i lay waste, make waste   blitduc      
166a reproduction, make again   rid      
167a propagation, reproduction, procreation   vivd      
167b pregnancy, pregnant, fertilised r preg      
167c egg r2 eg     G F GF
167d obstetrics   bfox      
167e genitalia r jat      
168a destroyer (person), vandal   ducpe      
168b destroyer (thing)   ducef      
169a parentage, parenthood   prk      
169b parent r pr     G F GF
169c single parent   anopr     G F GF
169d genealogy   kenox      
169da family tree   lis kenoxa      
169e fatherhood, paternity   prilk      
169f motherhood, maternal   prelk prelka motherly, maternal F
169g maternity, birth   bfk      
169ga midwife   bfkr      
169h adoption (as one's own)   avsuid avsuiz to adopt G  
169hi to be adopted   adavsu      
170a later person, posterity   uzpe      
170b child, offspring r2 cu     G F GF
170c descendant   vken      
170d descent, lineage, sonship vkenk    
171a productiveness dex    
171b fertilisation r frat fratiz fertilise  
171c fertile   fratex    
171d fertilizer   fratexk   G  
171e conceive   fratk      
171f abundant, abundance   momje      
172a unproductiveness   opdex      
172b contraception   ginfratk      
172c barrenness, unproductiveness   bn      
172ca sterilizer   bnr      
172cb sterilization   bnk      
172d gelding (male)   bnil      
172da barren (female)   bnel      
172e desert   bnas      
173a agency, operation, activation, turn on r dav daviz ; dava to operate; put on; start (machines, TV etc) ; on (turned on, working e.g. light etc.) G F GF
173aa operational   davib daviba operational  
173b put out, turn off, switch off   undav     G  
173ba turned off, switched off, not turned on   opdav opdava    
173c turn up (increase)   davmu      
173d turn down, reduce (power, volume etc)   davtu     G F GF
173e player, reader etc (e.g. DVD player)   davr     F
173f DJ, disc jockey   musdavr   DJ (professional)  
173i car ignition   krdav      
173z handle, holder (e.g. jug handle)   hanr      
174a vigour, energy, (physical), zest r vig vigiz; viga invigorate; vigorous  
174b stimulant   vigk vigkiz stimulate  
174c stimulation   vigkid      
175a passive r ud uda passive  
175b inertness   zavig zaviga inert, passive  
176a violence r vuc vuciz; vuca to make violent; violent G  
176aa brutality   vucem     F
176b fierceness   vucex      
176c outbreak, outburst of violence   gvuc      
176d violent force   vucfs      
176e violent creature   vucnim      
176ea monster, large violent animal   vucnimem      
177a gentleness, moderation, mildness r jan jana moderate; gentle  
177b calm, assuage, calming r km     G F GF
178a influence, affect, impact r flus flusa influential  
178b bad influence, pressure, impact   flusoc      
178c pressure to succeed, perform   skflusoc     G  
178d prevail, override (opinion)   flusem      
179a tendency, inclination r ix ixiz to tend (to)  
180a liability, subject to r lob      
181a concurrence, acting at the same time   amte amtea concurrent F
181b concurrence, combination of causes   jonmixk      
181c concurrence, agreement of ideas   fogri fogriiz to concur  
182a counteraction, prevention   gink      
182b although, despite, in spite of, even if   ginre     G F GF
182c even if (hypothetical event)   azif     G F GF
183a space, expanse r span spana spacious G F GF
183b open space   spanraj     F
183c range, extent, reach r raj      
183d vacant capacity, space, room, r rom      
183da wide berth, plenty of room,   romem      
184a region (geographical) r rij     F
184b continent   fat      
184ba Africa N Afrika afrikape African G F GF
184bb America N Amerika     G F GF
184bc Asia N Asia Asiana Asian G  
184bd Arctic N rktik Nrrk    
184be Antarctic N Antrktik Sudrk    
184bf Europe N Yurop     G  
184c country (side), rural r rur      
184d urban r urb      
184e territory (controlled space), zone r zon zona territorial  
184f pedestrian zone   futgozon     G F GF
184fh province, state r prov     F
184fj district, defined area   provat     G  
184g green space   grinzon     G F GF
184i colony   bosprov      
184k town r vil     G  
184ka village   vilet     G  
184kb city   vilem     G F GF
184kc capital town   epvil     G F GF
184n town centre, downtown   midvil     G F GF
184nb town district, city district, quarter   vilat     G  
184nc square (town / public square)   pubas     G F GF
184t tropics r trop tropa tropical  
184ta tropic of cancer   nrtroplin      
184tb tropic of Capricorn   sudtroplin      
185a place, site, point r as asiz to put; to place G F GF
185aa adjectival form of place r sa      
185b put down, putting down   dunas dunasiz to put down;  
185ba put up, pick up, putting up   upas upasiz to put up  
185bc re-place, put back, (not substitute)   rias riasiz to replace (something)  
185c to move something (to a new location) nuask nuaskiz relocate G
185da everywhere   alas     G F GF
185db anywhere   enas      
185dc somewhere   sas     G F GF
185dd elsewhere   difas      
185e at r2 e     G  
185j scene, location of event, venue   hpas      
186a position, situation, orientation r pox      
186b bearings (direction) r ber      
187a location, position, exact place   ask     F
187b installation, putting, placing, installing   asid asidiz to put, place something F
187ba to be put, placed, installed   adasid adasidiz to be put, placed somewhere  
187c station, base r xas xasiz put away; stow F
187ca put back (return something to its place)   rixas      
187da police station   plisxas     F
187db dock (ship), wharf, quay, berth   xipxas     F
187dc work station (e.g. desk etc)   wkxas     F
187dd work station (place and duty)   dutxas     F
187de headquarters   epxas      
187e parking (vehicles in general)   vikste     G F GF
187ea car park   krsteas     F
188a displacement, unplace, clear away   unasid      
188b misplace (incorrectly placed, lost)   erasid      
188c to be lost (misplaced)   suerasid      
189a presence, being there, attendance r bas basiz to be present, available G  
189aa positive (medically) presence confirmed)   basa HIV basa   G  
189b here r he     G F GF
189c there r la     G F GF
189d spread, pervade   gobas gobasa ubiquitous, pervading, viral F
190a devoid of, without, absent r2 za     G F GF
190aa nobody, no one, no-one   zape     G F GF
190ab nowhere   zaas     G F GF
190b absence, not present, away from, clear of r zas zasiz; zasa to be absent, to miss; missing G  
190ba truancy, play truant   skulzas     G  
190bb negative (medically), not present   zasa      
190c clear off, go away, move away   unbas      
190d empty, evacuate, clear out, turn out r vok vokiz to empty, evacuate G F GF
190e uninhabited   zaxaspe zaxaspea    
190f desolate, empty and deserted   vokoc     F
190g blank (empty space in text)   vokas      
191a inhabitant, resident, native   xaspe     G  
191b population   xaspeag      
191ba overpopulated   momxaspeag     G  
191bb habitancy   xaspeid      
191c householder, resident   huspe     F
191ca residence   xoxas xoxasa residential G  
191cb home town   xovil      
191cc home country   xonax      
191d settler   nuxaspe      
191e colonist   bosprovpe      
192a dwell, reside, live at, occupy, stay r x xiz to reside, dwell, live G  
192ab move in (into a house etc)   nuxiz      
192ac move out (of house etc)   unxiz      
192ad eviction   pelunxiz      
192ae moving (move to a different dwelling)   cjxo cjxoiz to move (house)  
192b abode, dwelling, home r xo xoiz to go home; G F GF
192ba housing, dwellings   xoom     F
192baa council housing   xoom goveta     F
192bab street (residential road) r srit     G F GF
192bb accommodation   xoed     G F GF
192bca be at home, be in   exo     G  
192bcb be away from home, be out   oxo oxoiz go out from home G F GF
192bcc get back, return, go in (home/house)   rixo rixoiz to go back home G  
192bcd to go home   uxo uxoiz to go home  
192bd live in (with employer)   jobxo      
192bea take in someone (into house, to live)   hasxo      
192beb put someone up, to house someone   daxo      
192bg home (parent's house)   prxo      
192bi habitable   xoib xoiba    
192bj uninhabitable   zaxoib zaxoiba    
192c address   xoden     G F GF
192ca post code, postcode, zip code   poszon     G F GF
192d house r hus     G F GF
192da detached house   anohus     G  
192db semi-detached house   duohus     G  
192dc terraced house   jonhus     G F GF
192dd cottage   rurhus     F
192de bungalow   andekhus      
192e hut, shed, cabin   huset      
192f mansion   husem      
192fa stately home   ephusem      
192ga palace   rulrhus     F
192h flat (apartment) r flet     G F GF
192ha apartment building, block of flats   fletbud fletag condominium G F GF
192i camper, campervan   xovik      
192j caravan   pulxovik     G F GF
192ja caravan site   pulxovikas      
192k hotel, inn, lodgings, guest house r tel     G F GF
192ka lodgings, guest house, B&B, b & b   telet bed we mnmil bed and breakfast G F GF
192kab full board (in hotel etc)   almil     G F GF
192kac half board (in hotel etc)   dumil     G F GF
192kad self catering (on holiday etc)   sumil sumiliz to self cater  
192kb youth hostel   jutel     G F GF
192l tavern, pub r tav      
192la bar (alcohol) r b     F
192m restaurant, bistro, brasserie   milxop     F
192ma cafe   kuf ikxop   F
192mb snack bar, takeaway   miletxop     G  
192mba fast food   velemfud   fast food G  
192mc internet cafe, cybercaf   infnetkuf     F
192md canteen, company eating room   milrumem     G  
192me diner, eating place   milas      
192na stable (house for horses)   ekwishus    
192naa stables (company keeping horses)   ekwisas    
192nab stall (horse)   ekwisrum      
192nb cowshed   bovhus      
192nc beehive   apisus      
192nd henhouse   galishuset      
192ne pigsty   suishus      
192nf hutch (for rabbits etc)   nimhuset      
192ng aquarium, fish tank   fexvat      
192nh kennel   kanishus      
192p nest r nis      
192q camp   taxo     G F GF
192qa tent r tent     G F GF
192qb camp site   taxoas     G F GF
192qba toilet block   ttbud     F
192qc camping field   taxofild     F
192ra garage (car house, separate)   krhus     G  
192rb garage (car room, integral)   krrum     G  
192rc garage (car workshop, repairs)   krperas      
192s hangar (aeroplane garage)   flitxinhus      
192t boatshed, boat house   buthus    
192u pavilion   leshus      
192ua arbour, grotto, bower r grot      
193a contents, load   usap usapiz; usapa to load, fill; loaded F
193aa overloaded   momusap     F
193b loading, filling   usid     G  
193c loading dock, loading bay   usidxas      
193d contain, containing   usk uskiz to contain  
193da contained by   adusk aduskiz to be contained by  
194a receptacle, container, box r us usiz; usa to put into; containing G F GF
194b holder (indirect receptacle)   hodr      
194c bladder (flexible container for fluid) r blad      
194ca balloon   lufblad     F
194cb hot air balloon   hitlufblad      
194cc capsule (smaller liquid container)   bladet      
194cd airship, giant balloon   bladem      
194d compartment (part of a container)   usat      
194da drawer r dr     F
194e trunk (very large box)   usem      
194ea shipping container   goapus      
194f cupboard, closet r klus     G F GF
194fa cabinet (free standing furniture)   klusfun     G F GF
194faa bookcase   bukus      
194fab bookcase (with doors)   bukklus      
194fac filing cabinet   rekklus      
194fb wardrobe   werklus     G  
194fc locker   lokklus     G  
194fca safe (for cash etc), strong box   safdus     G  
194fd airing cupboard   hitklus      
194fe chest of drawers   drus     G  
194gb in tray etc   inus      
194gc out tray etc   ous      
194ha basket r bac     G  
194hba tool box, toolbox   rus      
194hbc suitcase   tikus     G F GF
194hbd briefcase   tikuset      
194hbe cardboard box   us papbda     F
194i bag r bag     G F GF
194ia sack   bagem      
194ib handbag   hanbag     G F GF
194ic backpack, knapsack, rucksack   bakbag     G  
194id shopping bag   xopbag     G  
194ie sleeping bag   slipbag     G F GF
194iea cocoon   sukbag      
194if shoulder bag   xudbag      
194ig sachet (small bag)   baget      
194ih pillow case   pelus      
194j case, small container   uset     G F GF
194ja envelope   letus     G F GF
194jc wallet (money container)   kaxuset     G F GF
194jca purse (coin container)   kwenuset     G F GF
194k pocket r pok     G F GF
194l vat, tank, hopper r vat      
194la barrel r bral      
194lb keg   bralet      
194lc drum (large cylindrical container)   bralem      
194m vessel, container, pot r ves     G  
194ma bucket r bok vatet ?    
194maa jug, pouring pot   floves      
194mb bottle r bot     G F GF
194mba jar   botet      
194mc vase r vs nves ?    
194mca glass tube, test tube   vset      
194md can, tin r kn kna canned, tinned  
194mda paint pot   ptves      
194mdb oil can   lkn      
194me carton (paper/card container)   papus     G  
194n cooking pot, vessel r ket      
194na cauldron, water heater   ketem      
194naa kettle r ket      
194nba saucepan   kukves     F
194nbb frying pan   frpan      
194nbc steamer (for food)   stimr      
194nbd wok r wok      
194o drinking container   ikves      
194oa cup r kep     G F GF
194oaa teacup   ckep      
194oab mug   kepem      
194ob glass (drinking) r gles     G F GF
194p bowl, dish, basin r bol     G  
194pa small bowl, dish, basin   bolet      
194pb large bowl, dish, basin   bolem      
194pc pan (shallow dish) r pan      
194pd wash basin   woxbol     F
194q crockery, dishes r krok      
194qa plate r plet     G F GF
194qb saucer, side plate   pletet      
194r tray (carrying container)   jasbd     G F GF
194s spoon r spun     G F GF
194sa ladle   spunem      
194saa teaspoon   cspun     G  
194sab tablespoon   tabspun      
194t room, chamber r rum     G F GF
194ta kitchen   kukrum     G F GF
194tb dining room   milrum     G F GF
194tba dining area, eating area   itas     G  
194tc utility room   husxinrum      
194td toilet (room)   ttrum     G  
194te wash room   woxrum      
194tf bath room, bathroom   bfrum     G F GF
194tfa shower room   xrrum      
194tg study (room)   studrum     G F GF
194th bedroom   bedrum     G  
194tha double room   duorum     G F GF
194thb single room   anorum (rum anoa)   G  
194thc twin room   duagrum      
194thd dormitory   bedirumem     F
194ti living room, sitting room, lounge   famrum     G F GF
194tj hall (grand)   rumem     G  
194tk entrance hall, vestibule, hallway, foyer   ingorum     G F GF
194tl nursery   babrum      
194tm booth, small room,   rumet      
194u lobby   osrum      
194v cellar, basement   ondrum     G F GF
194w attic, loft   bvrum     G F GF
194x greenhouse, glass house   plonhus      
194y conservatory, sun room   glasrum     G  
194za boot, trunk (car)   vikus      
195a size r sz sziz to fit (be the correct size) G F GF
195b fit (right size)   kreksz     G F GF
195ba full size (normal size, not reduced)   nmsz      
195c bigness, largeness, hugeness, immense   szem szema big, huge, enormous G F GF
195d giant (person)   peem      
195e fatness, fleshy, overweight r poj poja fat G F GF
195ea plumpness   pojet      
195eb overweight   pojem pojema overweight G  
195ec obesity   mompoj mompoja obese F
195f unwieldy, oversized   momsza      
196a little, littleness (size) r2 et eta little, small F
196b minuteness   etk      
196c miniature   etod      
196d dwarf (person), midget,   peet      
196e micro-organism   nimet      
196ea bacteria r baknis      
196eb virus r vir     G  
196f micrology   nimetox      
197a expand, expansion, enlargement   szmu szmuiz to enlarge  
197b inflate, inflation, blow up   luffu luffuiz to inflate  
197c dilation, widening   wifmu      
198a shrink, contraction, shrinking   sztu sztuiz to shrink, reduce  
198aa recession (economical)   bisemtu      
198b compression   presid      
198ba compressor   presidr      
198ba roller, steam roller (motor roller)   wilpresidr      
198c crush r krux      
199a distance, distant r dis     G  
199b far, farness r f fa far G F GF
199c removed, remoteness   fem fema remote G  
199d as far as   amf      
199e beyond, further   fmu      
199f horizon   fzel      
199g furthest   fum      
199h too far, our of range   momf      
200a near, close, nearness, about, local r nir niriz; nira to get near; nearly G F GF
200aa nearer   nirmu      
200ab nearest, most near, almost   nirum     G F GF
200b short distance   diset      
200c by, beside, next to r bes     G F GF
200d neighbourhood, near place, locality   niras nirasa; niraspe nigh, local; neighbour G F GF
200e next door   besxo      
200f approximately   nirex nirexa approximate  
201a interval, gap (in space, distance) r gap   space (between things) F
202a contiguity, in contact r tuk     G  
203a length, extent r len leniz; to have a length of  
203b long (length)   lenem lenemiz to lengthen, extend something G F GF
203c lengthening   lenmu lenmuiz to lengthen  
203f along r lon     G  
203g stretch r srec sreciz; sreca to stretch something; stretched  
203h line r lin liniz; to align, to line up G F GF
203ha fall in (to line)   sulin      
203hb fall out (of line)   unlin      
203hc underline   ondlin     G  
204a shortness, smallness of length   lenet lenetiz to shorten (length of something)  
204b shortening   lentu lentuiz to shorten (the length of something)  
205a width, breadth r wif wifiz have a width of  
205b wide, broad, large wideness   wifem wifemiz; wifema to widen; broad, wide G F GF
205c widen, let out   wifmu wifmuiz to widen  
205d thickness (breadth and depth) r fik fikiz to have a thickness of G F GF
205e thick (great thickness)   fikem fikemiz; fikema to thicken G  
205f thickening (in size, not viscosity)   fikmu fikmuiz; fikmua to thicken, thickened  
206a narrowness, smallness of width   wifet wifetiz; wifeta to narrow, take in; narrow G F GF
206b narrowing, reduction of width   wiftu wiftuiz; wiftua to narrow, take in; reduced  
206c thinness (breadth and depth)   fiket fiketiz; fiketa to thin down; thin G F GF
206d thinning   fiktu fiktuiz; fiktua to thin down; thinned  
206e slim (person, figure) r slem slemiz;