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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





Kuna u yu

Is there commission on top of that?

K cãjpras weida bez ab ce

What’s the exchange rate for Pounds Sterling?

K je bãtrax ab paund YK

Where do I have to sign?

K as me namrituz

What is today’s date?

K ef bez dat ezde / K dat ezdea

What time does the bank open / close

K ur bank pemuz / xutuz

8a Telephoning


Hello. Is that Mr. Green?

Griti. K ce bez Ilpe Grin

May I speak to Mr. Green?

K me adlepuz u Ilpe Grin

Just a moment. Hold on please.

Duret. Ãk watuz

He’s not here. May I take a message for him?

Il nobez he. K me tuz infod pø il

Would you tell Mr. Green that I called?

K yu cuzu Ilpe Grin ca me fonoz

May I leave a message for him?

K me infoduz il / K leme infoduz il

Yes, speaking.

Ye, pez / Ye, xe me

This is Mary speaking.

Meri pez

I must have dialled the wrong number.

Me fonoz num era

I couldn’t get through.

Me nosøkoz

I have to hang up now.

Me nessesfonez ezte

Would you call back tomorrow?

Ãk, rifonuz uzde

I cannot get a reliable signal here

Me noibtiz sig reba he

I’ll need to find a land line to telephone home

Me nidfãnuz lanfon pø foniz xo

I tried to call you, but your phone was engaged.

Me trãfonoz yu kwa fonør yuva boz dexa

I need to telephone England.

Me nidfonuz England

It's the first time I have used a telephone in


Xe bez te ana ca me yiz fonør e Froŋs

Where is the telephone directory?

K as bez fonlis

Please send me a text message when you arrive.

Ãk, fonrituz me cete yu ebuuz

I have been cut off. (I’ve lost the connection)

Me losoz jonøk

Goodbye, thank you for calling

Gudsep, tanki ab foniz

8b Post Office


Is the post office open tomorrow?

K posfis pemuz uzde

How much does it cost to send a letter to


K pras letiz u Doiclant

Three stamps at 2 Euro 50 each, please.

Ãk, tri stam e du Yuro favax

Where is the post box?

K as bez posus

When / What time is the next collection?

K te / K ur buz gotiz ãva

Will you weigh this parcel for me, please.

Ãk witmesuz xe pak

Do you want to airmail the parcel?

K yu wixez flitposiz pak

I posted the letter in the post box in front of the

Post Office.

Me posoz let in posus fron posfis

8c About Mail – Letters, email & fax

Ab pos – Leti, webpos we fonkop

I have received a letter from my cousin.

Me ezsivoz let o kos meva

Send me a postcard when you arrive in Shanghai.

Ojasuz poskãd ume cete yu ebuuz e Xaŋhai

I put some photographs in the envelope.

Me asoz sã fotodi in letus

He hasn't answered my letter yet.

Il no ezrepoz let meva uxete

My mother mailed me a parcel.

Pãrel meva posoz pak u me

We keep in touch with each other by Email since

he left India.

Mi infiz icdifpe yiz webpos ãv il sepgoz Bhãrat

Don't forget to put stamps on your letter.

No foguz stamiz (fogstamuz) let yuva

How long does it take for a letter to get to America

from Beijing?

K dur letiz u Amerika o Beijiŋ

If you are in a hurry, you can send a fax.

If yu wixbuz velema yu ibfonkopuz

My mother has sent me a registered letter, I guess

she has something important to tell me.

Pãrel meva ojasoz let reka u me. Me fez ca el vez

sãef pøta cizu me

9a Problems - Losses

Probi - losi

I've lost my passport.

Me ezlosoz goden meva

When did you lose your money?

K te yu losoz kax avyu