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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





Is service included?

K søv bez weida

I think there is a mistake in the bill.

Me fez detãk bez era

Can I pay by cheque or credit card?

K me ibpamuz yiz cek rø bankkãd

[I am] Sorry, we only take cash.

[Me bez] Greta, mi siviz zamua kax

6a Shopping


I'll go to get some vegetables at the shop

Me guz pø veji e xop

Is there a baker's near here?

K baikxop bez nir he

You can buy bread in the little supermarket

Yu ibutridiz bred e alefxop eta

How do I get to the chemist's?

K hu me guz u medxop

Is there a book shop in the town centre

K bukxop bez e midvil

Excuse me, where is the butter and cheese?

Fovuz me, k as bez bur we cis

Lets have a look in this shop

Leuz mi riz in xe xop

Can we have a look around?

K mi roetuz

Can I help you?

K me hepuz yu (K me ibhepez)

I'm just looking.

Me rez zamua

I would like two postcards, please.

Ãk me wixez du poskãd

I’d like eight oranges, please.

Ãk me wixez ok ranj

Do you have any tinned peaches?

K yu vez pexi kana

What's your size? (clothing, shoes, hats etc)

K ef bez sãz yuva / K ef adsãzez yu / K sãz yuva

What size is it?

K sãz ol bez / K ol sãzez / K sãz ola

Can I try it on?

K me tesweruz ol

This is too small for me.

Xe bez mom sãzeta pø me.

Do you have a bigger one?

K yu vez an sãzema.

Do you have any more colours?

K yu vez mu koli

Do you have it in a different colour?

K yu vez ol ay kol difa

May I have a look at the watch?

K me adleuz riz kloket (Ãk me ruz kloket)

How much is it?

K pras / K


/ K je adprasez ol

It's too expensive for me.

Ol bez mom prasema pø me

Can you come down a bit?

K yu tuuz eta

I'll take it/them.

Me tuz ol /oli

It's for a present.

Ol bez pø gevo

Can you gift-wrap it for me, please.

Ãk yu ibgevrapuz ol

That is all.

Ce bez al

6b How much & how many

K je

I would like a piece of cake.

Me wixez atje kek

He is going to want a slice of ham.

Il wixuz kutat je hem

They (ladies) would like a kilo of peaches.

Eli wixez kiloje pexi (an kilo pexi)

She wanted like a tin of tuna.

El wixoz kan je tunis

They (men) would like a packet of biscuits.

Ili wixez paket je biski

I wanted (previously) a box of chocolates.

Me wixoz usje coki

We would like two pineapples.

Mi wixez du ananus

6c Paying for things

Pamiz pø efi

How do you want to pay? Cash or card?

K hu yu wixpamuz, kax rø kãd

I’ll pay by card

Me pamuz ay kãd

Do you take cheques?

K yu sivez ceki

No, we only take cash

No, mi tiz zamua kax

How much do I owe you?

K je kax me detez yu. / K je. / K pras

I only have a 50 Euro note.

Me vez zamua favax Yuro papkax

Do you take American dollars?

K yu tiz dolãr Amerikana

Here's your change.

He bez momkax yuva

7a Money & banks

Kax we banki

Which counter for foreign currency?

K se tabem pø boskax

I would like to change (buy) some Euros please.

Ãk, me wixotridez sã Yuro

How much would you like to change?

K je yu wixotridez

Two hundred Euros

Du sen Yuro

For 200 Euros I can give you 1414 Kuna

Pø du sen Yuro me ibgevuz an kil, før sen axfør