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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





Where can I get bottles of Camping Gas?

K as me tuz gas taxoa

Is there an electric connection for our caravan?

K jon leka bez pø xovik miva

4c Renting a House

Hus hiriz

I’m looking for a flat or small house to rent

Me sãcez flet rø hus eta pø uhir

How many bedrooms do you want

K je bedrumi yu wixez

Preferably two bedrooms

Pref du bedrum

I want to rent a furnished house.

Me wixuhirez hus funa

I have a dog, but it's very quiet.

Me vez kanis kwa ol bez em opluda

This house has a garage, a large garden and has

gas central heating.

Xe hus vez kãrhus, gãd ema we hulhit gasa

What kind of furniture do you like?

K se fun yu lãkez

This is a rather old house. It needs redecorating

Xe bez hus ajema. Ol nidez addokiz

I want an apartment with two bedrooms and a

separate kitchen and lounge.

Me wixez flat viz du bedrum we kukrum w famrum


Houses in the town centre are very expensive.

Husi e midvil bez em prasema

How much is the monthly rent?

K je bez hirpras mona

We don’t have much furniture, just a few kitchen

things and a television.

Mi novez om funi, zamu ot efi kukruma we tev

There's no gas in the flat. The hob is electric and

there is an electric shower

No gas bez e flet. Hob bez leka we xãr leka bez.

There’s a shower in the bathroom but no bath.

Woxrum vez xãr kwa za bãf

There’s not much storage space.

Ot span størida bez

You will need to put things like vacuum cleaners in

the cupboard under the stairs.

Yu nesasuz efi zãm vakklinør in klus ond steri

5a Eating out - choosing meals

Itiz oxoa – cosiz mili

Do you want something to eat/drink?

K yu wixituz / wixikuz sãef

What would you like to eat/drink?

K ef yu lãkituz / lãkikuz

I’m not very hungry, a sandwich would be fine.

Me nobez em huga, wij buz sata

What types of sandwiches do you have?

K se wiji yu vez

I’m quite hungry. Lets go to a restaurant

Me bez huga. Leuz mi giz u milxop

There’s a menu displayed in the window

Millis bez dasa e wid

5b Restaurants & cafes

Milxopi w kufi

A table for two please

Ãk tab pø du

I would like a table near to the window.

Me wixez tab nir wid

I have a table reserved in the name of Johnson.

Me seroz tab ab nam Jonson

I would like to see the menu, please.

Ãk, me wixsuz millis

Are you ready to order?

K yi bez prepa trãkiz

I would like to order now.

Me wixtrãkez ezte

What would you like to eat?

K ef yu wixitez

To start, I would like the prawn/shrimp.

Gãiz, me wixez karidisi

For the main course, I would like steak.

Pø middix, me wixez stek

How would you like your steak

K hu yu wixuz stek yuva

Well done, please

Ãk, emkuka

I'd like liver and onions

Me wixez liver we onyoni

What would you like for dessert?

K ef yu wixuz pø findix (switdix)

No more thanks, I’m full

Zaje mu tanki, me bez fua

For dessert, I'll have apple tart.

Pø findix me vuz tart poma

I'll have some ice cream.

Me vuz ãiskrim

Do you want some fruit?

K yu wixez sã frut

Yes, please. I'd like a peach.

Ye ãk. Me wixez pex

Anything to drink?

K enef pø ikiz

To drink, I would like some red wine.

Ikiz, me wixez vin reda (Pø ikiz, ...)

Two teas and a coffee please.

Ãk, du cã we an kaf

Waiter! This is not what I ordered.

Søvãr. Xe nobez ca me trãkoz

Can I get you anything else?

K me fecuz enef wua

Could I have the bill, please.

Ãk, me wixez detãk

Bring the bill please.

Ãk, fecuz detãk

Here is your bill.

He bez detãk yuva