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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015






Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to The Red

Dragon restaurant?

Ãk. K yu ibcuzu me hu giz u milxop Drakis Reda

Go on for about 100 meters, then turn right. It's on

your left side. You can't miss it.

Guz sãtdira nir sen met, ãvca tønuz reta. Ol bez

lefa. Yu novoduz ol.

Is it near here?

K ol bez nir he

It's very near.

Ol bez emnir

It's a fair way away.

Ol bez et fã.

It's about five minutes on foot.

Ol bez fav men ay futi

Which one is Mr. Jones office?

K se an bez fis av Ilpe Jowns

It's Room 207 on the second floor.

Ol bez rum du sen sev e dek dua

Can I use the lift?

K me ibyuz upidvik

Sorry, it's broken. You have to use the stairs.

Greta ol bez sesoca. Yu nesyuz steri

Where are the stairs?

K as bez steri

Go along the corridor and they’re on your right


Guz len krid we oli bez reta

Thank you for directions.

Tanki ab diri

No entry.

Nogiz / No indør

Go straight on. Follow this road

Guz sãtdira. Guz xe rud.

Then second right and it’s around the corner

Uzte ret dua we ol bez rirkøn

3k Asking About The Address

Ãkiz ab Xoden

Hello Jack, where do you live now?

Griti Jak, K as yu xez ezte

I live at 203 Curzon Street.

Me xez e du sen tri Køzon Strit

I’m on the top floor / ground floor / 2



Me bez e dekhetum / grondek / dek du

I’m on the

Isn't that in the town centre?

K ol bez e midvil

Yes, it’s very convenient for work .

Ye, ol bez emvãna pø wãk

How long have you lived there?

K dur yu ezxoz la

Just a few months.

Zamu ot moni

4a Accommodation - Hotels

Xoed - Teli

Where is the reception?

K as bez sivas

Is there a car park?

K bez kãrsteas

Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

K milxop bez e tel

Is there a lift/elevator?

K upidvik bez

How much is it for the room per night?

K je bez rumpras ic nit. (K rumpras ic nit)

What is the price?

K je bez pras. (K pras)

Do you have any rooms available for tonight?

K yu vez rumi zava eznit

I'm sorry, we are full.

Greta, mi bez fua

Is there another hotel near here?

K tel wua bez nir he

I would like two single rooms and a double room


Ãk, me wixez du anorum we an duorum

I would like a room with a shower.

Me wixez rum viz xãr

We will be staying for seven nights.

Mi steuz sev nit

What time does the restaurant close in the


K ur milrum xutiz ivi

Is breakfast included?

K mønmil bez weida / K weidez mønmil

When is dinner served?

K ur buz ivmil

Here is the key for room number 305.

He bez lokør pø rum tri sen fav / tri za fav

Can somebody please bring my cases up.

Ãk sãpe uptikuz tikusi meva

May I have towels for room 305 please.

Ãk tãli pø rum tri za fav (Ãk, me wixez tãli pø ...)

Where is the breakfast room?

K as bez rum mønmila

Where is the air conditioning switch?

K as bez swic lufkodøra

4b Camp site


Do you have room for a tent / caravan?

K yu vez rom pø tent / xovik

We would like to stay three nights.

Wi wixsteez tri nit

We would like to stay until next Sunday.

Wi wixsteez u Dedøm

Where's the toilet / shower block / dustbins?

K as bez tøtas / xãras / traxus

Is there a shop on the camp site?

K xop bez e taxoas