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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





How frequent are the buses?

K fe bez busi / K fe busi

When is the first bus / last bus

K ur buz bus ana / fina (K ur bus ana / fina)

How long will it take to get to the town centre?

K je duruz go u midvil (K dur u midvil)

How much is a ticket to Berlin

K pras tok u Berlin bez / K pras tok u Berlin

Do you want a single or a return ticket?

K yu wixez tok angoa rø rigoa

This seat is taken.

Xe sit bez viza (tiza)

That seat is free

Ce sit bez zava

A book of tickets, please.

Ãk tokibuk

Do I get off here for the cinema?

K me unbusez he pø muvas

Excuse me, this is my stop.

Fovez me, xe bez sesas meva/meya

3f Travelling by taxi

Goiz ay kab (Goiz kabya)

Where can I get a taxi?

K as me ibtuz kab

How much to the town centre/airport

K pras guz u midvil / flitgoas

I want to go to the Hilton Hotel

Me wixgez u tel Hilton

Stop here please.

Ãk sesuz he

Why isn’t your meter running

K re mesør yuva nodavez

3g Hiring a car

Uhiriz kãr

Where can I hire a car?

K as me ibuhiruz kãr

How much is the hire for 4 days?

K je hirpras ab før de

Does that include insurance?/excess?

K ce weidiz xur / momex

Do you have anything bigger/smaller?

K yu vez enef sãzema / sãzeta

Is this car petrol or diesel?

K xe kãr yez gasøl rø disøl

Can I leave the car at the airport?

K me adleremuz kãr e flitgoas

3h Car problems & at the filling station

Kãr probi we e fyulxas

My car has broken down.

Kãr meva ezsesocoz

I have run out of petrol.

Me totoz gasøl

I have got a puncture.

Me eztoz tørhol / me tørholoz / me vez tørhol

The battery is flat.

Lekstør bez tota

The engine won't start / run.

Mot nogãez / nodavez

I put in diesel instead of unleaded fuel

Me inasoz disøl søb fyul zaploma

How do I open the bonnet/hood

K hu me pemuz motkuv

The spare tyre is in the boot/trunk

Tør zaya bez in vikus

3i Road Accidents

Opteni ruda

There was an accident (collision happened)

Krax hãpoz

We must call the police.

Wi dutfonuz plis

We need to phone for an ambulance.

Wi nesfonuz pø siktrok

How did the accident happen?

K hu krax hãpoz

Was he going fast?

K il gioz velema

Do you have your driving licence?

K yu vez ømle driva avyu

Do you have your insurance certificate?

K yu vez stef xura avyu

Were there any witnesses?

K sopei boz

I witnessed it happening.

Me soz ol hãpiz

It wasn't my fault.

Ol noboz opdut meva

It wasn't his right of way.

Ol noboz rutrãt ilva

I crashed into the truck.

Me kraxoz gin trok

The accident happened at the crossroads.

Krax hãpoz e krosrud

3j Asking Directions

Kiz diri

Excuse me, madam. Could you tell me where the

post office is?

Fovuz me Elpe, k yu ibcuzu me as posfis bez. (Ãk

Elpe, as posfis bez.)

It's just around the corner.

Ol bez zamua rirkøn

Excuse me, how can I get to the bus station?

Fovuz me. K hu me ibguz u busgoas

You can take the bus and get off at the second


Yu ibguz yiz bus we unbusuz e sesas dua

Excuse me. Where is Brand Street?

Fovuz me. K as bez Brand Strit

Go straight ahead and turn left at the second

Guz sãtdira we tønuz lef e rudjon dua