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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





You have to apply for a visa in advance.

Yu nes suferiz vøtea ab inømle

Do you have anything to declare?

K yu vez enef vugiz

You don't have to pay any duty on personal


Yu no nes pamiz tøk ab api supea

Did you pack this bag yourself?

K yu apgoprepoz yusua xe bag

Why are you visiting this country?

K re yu visez xe nax

How long will you be staying?

K dur yu steuz

3b Travelling - general expressions

Goiz - coi jena

Do you like travelling?

K yu lãkgoiz

Yes, I've just come back from Scotland.

Ye, me ungoz nutea o Skotland

How did you get there?

K hu yu goz la

I got there by plane.

Me goz la yiz flitxin

Where did you visit?

K asi yu visoz

I only had time to visit Edinburgh.

Me voz te visiz zamua Edinbura

Why did you go there?

K re yu goz la

I went there on business.

Me goz la pø bis

I will see you off at the railway station.

Me opgrituz yu e tringoas

Can you tell me the phone number of the inquiry


Ãk cuzu me fonnum ab kidfis (fis kida)

3c Travelling by train

Goiz ay trin

Where's the nearest railway station?

K as tringoas nirmua bez / K tringoas nirmua

When (what time) does the train from Paris arrive?

K ur trin o Pari ebuuz

When does the next train for Bordeaux leave?

K ur trin ãva u Bordow oguz

When does it arrive there?

K ur ol ebuuz la

Which platform does the train leave from?

K se godek ce trin oguz

Do I have to change?

K me nescãjuz

A single ticket for Nantes, please.

Ãk tok angoa u Nont

First or second class?

K epana rø epdua

A return ticket for Poitiers, please.

Ãk tok rigoa u Pwatie

How long does the journey take?

K dur go / K je go duruz

I would like to reserve a seat.

Me wixserez sit

How much does a second-class return ticket for

Marseille cost?

K pras tok rigoa epdua u Marsai

Is there a non-smoking seat?

K sit zatoba bez

All our trains are now non-smoking

Al trini miva bez zatoba ezte

Does the train have a dining-car?

K trin vez itvik

No but there is a trolley service

No kwa søv puxvika bez

I have bought a ticket for a sleeper.

Me utridoz tok pø slipvik

Has the 11:15 train already departed?

K trin e axan ur axfav ogoz vøte

No, but you must hurry.

No, kwa yu neshãsez

3d Travelling by plane

Goiz ay flitxin

I’d like book a flight to London please

Ãk, me wixserez flit u London

Is there a flight to Lisbon on Thursday?

K buz flit u Lisbon e Dejev

I would like a seat by the aisle

Me wixez sit bes krid

Is there a coach to the airport?

K buz busem u flitgoas

Is there a meal on the flight?

K buz mil dur flit

I would like to change flights.

Me wixcãjez flit

What time is the plane from Perth due to arrive?

K ur ebuuz flitxin o Perq

What size of bag can I take as hand luggage?

K sãz ab bag xa me adletuz pø goap hana

Is there a weight limit?

K lim wita bez

I cannot find my luggage

Me noibfãnez goap meva

3e Travelling by bus or coach

Goiz yiz bus rø busem

Where's the nearest bus stop?

K as bez bussesas niruma

Which bus do I take to get to the airport?

K se bus me yuz u flitgoas (K bus u flitgoas)

Can I get there by bus?

K me ibgiz la yiz bus

Can we buy tickets on the bus?

K mi ibutriduz toki in bus