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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





That depends

Ca dapuz

I don't know

Me nonez

I don't think so

Me fez no

I suppose so, I think so

Me fez ye

Sorry. It doesn't matter

Greta. Ol nobez pøta

I don't mind (I don’t object)

Me noginez

Of course / certainly.


True. Correct

Trua. Kreka

Wrong, incorrect

Era, Opkreka

With pleasure

[Ol bez] plesa

1d Understanding


I don't understand.

Me nostenez

Please speak slower.

Ãk puz veleta

Would you write that down please.

Ãk rituz ce

Could you explain that please.

Ãk oreuz ce

How is that pronounced?

K hu ce adpoexiz (K poex)

I have forgotten the word for ...

Me fogez wod pø ...

How do you say that in French/English?

K hu pe piz ce yiz Froŋspo / Englandpo

K hu pe Froŋspoiz (Englandpoiz) ce

What does that mean?

K ef ce minez (K ef adminez ce)

Can you repeat that please. / Again please

Ãk ripouz ce / Ãk riuz

Can you repeat that please. (do that again)

Ãk ridouz ce.

2a Questions

Koi -

All questions begin with

K (= Ke)

Where? (query place)

K as

When? (query time - day, month etc)

K te

When? (query hour - what time)

K ur

Why? (query reason)

K re

What/which? (query thing)

K ef

Who? (query person)

K pe

Whose? (query of person)

K avpe

Which/What? (query sort/kind of ...)

K se

How? (query method, way)

K hu

How much/many? (query quantity of ...)

K je

2b Asking Questions


Where are you going?

K as yu gez

Where did you go for dinner yesterday?

K as yu ivmiloz ozde

When will he come to see you?

K te il heguz pø siz yu

When did you buy the car?

K te yu utridoz kãr

Who told you? Who will you tell?

K pe cozu yu. K pe yu cuzu

Who will accompany you to the airport?

K pe vekguz yu u flitgoas

Why don't you agree?

K re yu nogriez

Why not go out for a walk?

K re no oswøkuz

How did you get to the airport

K hu yu goz u flitgoas

How did you spend your holiday?

K ef yu doz lesdea

How are you doing these days?

K yu hefiez ezte

How much is that?

K pras ce bez / K pras adbez ce / K pras / K pras

ab ce

How old are you?

K je yu yirez / K je yu ajez / K aj yuva

How long is that? (length)

K je ce lenez (K je adlenez ce)

How long did it take? (time)

K je adduroz ce (K je ce duroz)

What did he say in the letter?

K ef il øfoz e let

What are you going to do with the books?

K ef yu duz ab buki

What were you doing when I called?

K ef yu dioz cete me fonoz

Can you guess what I was doing this morning?

K yu ibgesez ef me dioz ezmøn

3a Travelling - Passport Control & Customs

Goiz – Goden Kidas we Tridtøk

Can I see your passport please

Ãk goden / Ãk me wixsiz goden yuva