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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015







1a Meeting & Greeting

Mitiz we gritiz

Hello, Hi, Greetings / Welcome

Griti / Gudebu

Nice to see (meet) you. How are you?

Mitiz yu bez plesa. K hef yuva

Good day/morning / afternoon / evening / night

Gudde / Gudmøn / Gudde / Gudiv / Gudnit

How are you?

K hef yuva (K yu gudhefez, K yu bez gudhefa, K yu)

Fine, thanks. And you? / I’m OK

Gudhefa tanki. K yu / Sata

I'm fine, too.

Guda wua

How is Amy / your wife / your husband?

K hefez Aimi (K Aimi) / nupel yuva / nupil yuva

She is very well, thank you.

El bez emgudhefa, tanki

Good night, Jane.

Gudnit Jain

Good-bye, Mike.

Gudsepa Maik

See you tomorrow.

Me suz yu uzde

See you later.

Me suz yu uztea

I have to go now.

Me nesgez ezte (Me nesez giz ezte)

How do you do? Nice to meet you.

Griti. Gud mitiz yu

Welcome to New York.

Gudebu e Nu York

May I introduce my secretary.

K me adletrouz / Ãk, k me trouz ... xibãr meva

This is my father.

Xe bez pãril meva

Make yourself at home.

Buz e xo



Thank you (very much)

Tanki. Om tanki

Excuse me

Fovuz me

(I am) Sorry, but...

(Me bez) Greta kwa ...

That's a pity

Ca bez gretexa

May I... ? (= Question I am allowed to ...?)

K me adle ... / K leme ...

How old are you?

K je yu yirez / K aj yuva

Where are you from? (i.e. which country)

K as yu hegoz / K as yu adnaxiez

I come from England

Me hegiz o England

Where do you live?

K as yu xez

I live in London

Me xez e London

What is your address?

K ef xoden yuva / avyu bez

My address is 49 Lord Street, Oxford.

Xoden meva bez førax nin Lord Strit, Oksford.

What is your telephone number?

K ef fonnum yuva / avyu bez

My phone number is 012345678

Fonnum meva bez za, an, du, tri, før, fav, sis, sev,


Is this your first visit to Europe?

K xe bez vis ana avyu e Yurop

1b Introductions


What is your name?

K ef nam yuva bez / K ef yu sunamez / K nam yuva

My name is Kathy / Kathy is my name

Nam meva bez Kaqi (Me sunamez Kaqi) / Kaqi bez

nam meva

Just call me Kath.

Kãluz me Kaq zamua

Are you Peter Smith?

K yu sunamez Piter Smiq.

Yes, that’s right. / No, that’s wrong, I'm not.

Ye, kreka / No opkreka / No era, me nobez

May I have your name?

Ãk, nam yuva

What's your family name? / Family name?

K ef nam fama avyu bez / K nam fama

My family name is Thomson.

Nam fama avme bez Tomsn

How do you spell it?

K hu yu posebiz ol. (K posebiz)

Who is the lady in white?

K pe bez peel wutwera

Could you introduce me to her?

K yu trouz me u el

Rose, let me introduce my friend to you.

Rowz, leuz me troiz fren meva u yu

This is Tom. He's my classmate.

Xe bez Tom. Il bez amklaspe avme

[It is] Nice to meet you (too)

(Wu) [ol bez] Plesa mitez yu

Let me introduce myself.

Leuz me sutroiz

How do you do? / Hello


1c General Responses

Repi gena

Yes, no

Ye, no

Please, thank you

Ãk, tanki