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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





This area is noted for its rich soil.

Xe provat adniez ab søl guda avol

The place is too stony for farming.

Xe as bez mom stona pø fãmiz

He has bought 10 tractors for the village.

Il ezutridoz ax fãmtrok pø vilet

What's the typical farm produce in this region?

K se fãmod nøma bez e xe rij

In the flat country, people grow wheat and raise


E plini, pei fãmiz tritikum we bovisi

At this time of the year farmers start to plough their


E xe yirat fãmãri gãplawiz fildi ulva

Have you ever milked a cow?

K yu ente mekoz bovisel

We have 100 sheep and 80 lambs

Mi vez sen ovis we okax ovisju

Pile the hay in the corner.

Montetez dregras in kun

What's the average yearly output of cars in your


K ef bez vãj yira ab kãri e døas yuva

The meat packing industry is developing fast.

Døem flexusiza dãviez velema

Car manufacturers are having a bad time.

Odemøgi kãra viez badte

State-owned enterprises are getting out of difficulty

( ... reducing their problems).

Øgi naxãna tuiez probi olva

How many workshops are there in your factory?

K je wãkrumi in døbud yuva

The computer industry is booming.

Døem omputøra bez em prosa

The information industry helps boost the global


Døem infa hepmuiz wãlbisem (bisem wãla)

We have to act quickly if we want to get ABC Ltd

as a new customer.

Mi nesdouz velema if mi wixviz ABC Ltd biz

utridpe nua.

Bill Gates is no longer active on the board that

runs Microsoft.

Bil Gaitz nobez dexa etea e vasãrag xa mãjez


Be careful of DEF Corporation, they are trying to

take control of our company!

Kefez ab DEF Øg, oli trãtrolez bisøg miva.

The project was a success thanks to (due to) the

fast action of the team leader.

Doid boz søka, adkø do velema ad cifpe doaga.

Paul is the acting manager while the boss is on


Pøl bez mãjãr søba dur cif lesdeiz.

12a Appointments, visits and meetings

Mittei, visi we miti

I'd like an appointment with Mrs. Green please.

Ãk, me wixez mitte vek Elpe Grin

She's free on Friday and Saturday.

El buz zava Defre we Desøt

Sorry, can I see her before Friday?

Greta, k me mituz el vø Defre

Let me see. She has 30 minutes Tuesday


Me ruz. El vuz triax men e Detus ãvnuna

At what time?

K ur (E k ur)

From 4 to 4:30.

O axsis ur u axsis ur triax

All right.


So you'll come then. Please phone in if you can't

make it.

Sata, yu heguz cete. Ãk, fonuz if yu no ibheguz

I have an interview this afternoon.

Me vuz kidmit xe ãvnun

I will be interviewed this afternoon

Me adkidmituz xe ãvnun

I can come any time except Sunday.

Me ibheguz ente zos Dedøm

You can reach me at 6609823.

Yu ibfonuz me e sis, sis, za, nin, ok, du, tri

He phoned to cancel the meeting.

Il fonoz pø unplanuz mit

Please make an appointment with my secretary.

Ãk mitteuz yiz xibãr meva

I have to change my appointment from Monday to


Me nescãjuz mitte meva o Deman u Dejev

Hello. Can I see Mr. Green?

Griti. K me mituz Ilpe Grin

Do you have an appointment?

K yu vez mitte

Sorry, I don't.

Greta no

Yes. At 3 pm.

Ye e tri ur

I’m sorry but Miss Green can't see you now.

Me gretez ca Elet Grin no ibmitez yu ezte

She's on the phone.

El fonez (El foniez)

Please wait here for a minute.

Ãk watez he an men

Would you like something to drink?

K yu wixez ik

Tea, please.

Ãk Cã

Miss Green, Mrs. Smith is here.

Elet Grin, Elpe Smiq bez he

You may go in now.

Yu adle inguz ezte