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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





She's allergic to penicillin / peanuts / shellfish.

El adsasocez penisilin / pinãt / xelfex

His thumb is swollen.

Fum ilva bez swela

I have toothache.

Me vez tufpin

I had a penicillin injection.

Me adjikoz penisilina / Me adpenisilinoz

10c What the doctor says

Efi dotãr ciz

Have you been to the doctor?

K yu visoz dotãr

What did the doctor say?

K ef dotãr coz

What’s the matter?

K ef bez prob. (K prob)

I have a sore throat

Me vez frotpin

What's did he say was wrong with you

K ef il coz ab sik yuva

How long have you had it?

K dur yu vez ol

I should say you've caught a cold.

Me fez ca yu vez kold

It is not a serious disease.

Ol nobez zis dana

I think you caught the infection before you came

Me fez ca yu toz ziskø vø yu hegoz

You need an injection.

Yu nidez jik

You have to be operated on.

Yu nidez suj

Tom is up and about now.

Tom bez doøka ezte

What sort of medicine do you take?

K se med yu yez

I think I have an allergy

Me fez ca me vez sasoc

Here is a prescription for some tablets.

He bez medlis pø sã pili

Take one, three times a day, after each meal.

Swoluz an, tri fe ic de, ãv ic mil

Is this the first time this has happened?

K xe bez fe ana ca ol hãpiz

I advise you to go to hospital.

Me vasez yu guz u dotbud

Take two pills and have a good rest.

Swolez du pil we resuz ema

I hope you'll be well soon.

Me hopez ca yu gudhefuz ubtea

10d At the chemists (pharmacy)

E medxop

The chemist's opens at 8am.

Medxop pemuz e ok ur

I would like some plasters, please.

Ãk me wixez sã medtepeti

Do you have anything for a cold?

K yu vez enef pø kold

Do you have anything for diarrhoea / hay fever /

insect stings?

K yu vez enef pø likpu / sasoc plena / stin insekta

Can you recommend an insect repellent?

K yu vasuz oføskem insekta

My friend has sunburn.

Fren meva vez solbøn

I have a prescription from a doctor

Me vez medlis o dotãr

11a About Jobs

Ab jobi

What does your father do?

K se wãk pãril yuva diz. (k se wãk addez pãril yuva)

He is a carpenter. He has his own company.

Il bez wudãr. Il vez bisøg ilsuva / il vez subisøg

What sort of career would you like?

K se ãrøk yu wixuz

I want to be a pilot if possible.

Me wixbez flitãr if pøsa

I hope that I can get a decent job with a good


Me hopez ca me tuz job guda vek jobpam guda

I would like to be an electrician.

Me wixbez lekãr

I have an interview next week.

Me adkidmituz uzwik

Fred has started his own business while his friends

are still at school.

Fred ezgãoz bisøg ilsuva dur freni ilva bex amvøa e


I like writing, but I wouldn't take it as my career.

Me lãkez øfiz kwa no pø ãrøk

I want to run my own business

Me wixvuz subisøg

He works in London. He’s a banker

Il wãkiz e London. Il bez bankãr

He had a successful career in business.

Il voz ãrøk søka e bis

He is a manager of a famous corporation.

Il bez mãjãr e bisøg fema

The statesman retired as the mayor of New York.

Polãr finjoboz o vileppe e Nu York

She works for a lot of charitable organisations

El wãkiz e om hepøgi

My friend Sally is a reporter for the New York


Fren avme, Sali, bez junãr e Nu York Taimz

My cousin has just been promoted to the rank of


Kosil meva adepmuoz nutea u ømãrfør

11b Farms And Factories

Fãmi we døasi