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Algilez Phrase Book

30 July 2015





Where did you lose your bag?

K as yu losoz bag yuva

What was inside it?

K ef boz in ol

There was a camera inside.

Kam boz in ol

What's it like? (its appearance)

K luk ola

(Note – no verb)

What shape and colour was it?

K se xap we kol boz ol

Was it marked with your name?

K nam yuva admãkoz on ol

How valuable is it?

K je ol advãlez

You must fill in a form.

Yu nes fømrituz

9b Crime & theft

Krãm we stoliz

You must go to the police station.

Yu nesguz u plisxas

Is there a police station near here?

K plisxas bez nir he

My watch has been stolen.

Kloket meva adstoloz

I think I put my wallet on the counter.

Me fez ca me asoz kaxus meva on tabem

Can I have your name and address, please.

Ãk nam we xoden yuva

Where have you looked for it?

K as yu sãcoz ol

9c Major incidents

Hãp pøtema

The strong winds blew the tree down.

Wanem blooz dun tre

The storms caused flooding.

Stømi køoz flodiz

It is a bomb alert.

Ol bez lãm ab plosus (‘ol’

= the event or


) / plosuslãm bez

There was a big explosion.

Em plos boz

Telephone the fire service.

Fonuz furøg

Can you help me.

K yu ibhepuz me

He broke the window.

Il brekoz wid

Evacuate (leave) the building, please.

Ãk, sepguz pebud

10a About Sickness

Ab sik

How are you feeling today?

K stit yuva ezde / K hef yuva ezde

I don't feel very well.

Me nohefez guda

Do you feel better now?

K yu hefez gudmua ezte

Much better.

Em gudmua

I'm sick (ill).

Me badhefez

He's got a bad headache.

Il vez hedpin bada / il hedpinez

My fever is gone.

Fiv meva bez sesa

What's the matter with you?

K ef bez prob ab yu (prob yuva)

I've got a pain in my back.

Me vez bakpin / Me bez bakpina / Me bakpinez

It really hurts. It hurts here.

Ol pinez ema. Ol pinez he

It's bleeding.

Ol blodez.

You'd better see a doctor about that cut.

Yu røtvisuz dotãr ab ce kut

Call the doctor!

Fonuz dotãr / Køluz pø dotãr

10b Seeing A Doctor

Visiz dotãr

I feel sick (nauseous).

Me filez voma

I have been sick (vomited).

Me ezvomoz

I feel ill.

Me filez sika

I feel dizzy.

Me tønfilez

I have diarrhoea

Me vez likpu

I have a headache.

Me vez hedpin

I have stomach ache.

Me vez stompin

Can you give me something for the pain?

K yu ibgevuz sãef ab pin u me

I have a temperature.

Me bez temema

I've been stung by a bee/wasp.

Me adstinoz apis/vesp

The doctor says that I should not eat anything oily.

Dotãr coz ca me norøtitiz enef øla

He gave me a chest X-ray and took my blood


Il cest eksbimoz we blodpresoz me

Is it serious?

K ol bez dana

Do I need to be hospitalized?

K me nes addotbudez

The doctor says that I should take quinine.

Dotãr ciz ca me nesadkwininuz