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Algilez International Language - Grammar

20 July 2015

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1. Introduction


International Conventions

No auxiliary language can really be started on a clean sheet of paper. There are already too many international

conventions that are so well established that it would be impossibly disruptive to change them (e.g. a decimal

number system written in descending figures from left to right, a Latin based genus naming system for animals and

plants etc, both of which are retained in Algilez). However, there are other aspects, such as the use of a new

alphabet, that would rapidly repay the investment of time needed to learn it by elimination of the confusion resulting

from the multiple sounds possible for conventional Latin alphabet letters. A new alphabet has been produced for

Algilez. Se

e Algilez Alphabet & Font

for further details.


This Grammar Guide

This grammar guide provides the full grammatical rules for Algilez. There are numerous examples in each of the

sections, which should help provide easier comparisons and understanding than just from the vocabulary alone.

Many of the things we say, the questions we ask, etc. are done in a way that reflects not only our language but also

our culture. Algilez does not (yet) have a culture and consequently can be used to express the core meanings

intended, without unnecessary words. In many languages (including English) these additional words are often

included for the sake of politeness. For native speakers it would sound very abrupt and impolite to omit them. In

Algilez, things can still be said in a polite form but often using less words than native languages.


Further Information

For information about the specification of Algilez and the Rules of Algilez se

e Information . Top