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International Language

Algilez Revision Book

Common European Framework Level B1 (GCSE Level)

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Getting the most out of the book

This study book is intended to help English speaking students of Algilez to revise for a Common European

Framework Level B1 exam. This is equivalent to a UK GCSE level, grades A-C. Since the book is aimed

at GCSE level students, all of the topics are intended to be realistic and are probably more relevant to

teenagers and young adults. Older adults will have to use a little more imagination!

For absolute beginners, some class-based study with other students and a teacher would be preferable (and

probably more fun).

Although the book could be used by a complete beginner for self-study, an additional person with some

knowledge of Algilez is required for some of the questions and tests.

More information is available on the Algilez web site, including the full grammar guide and complete word


Griti. Me bez o plãt Zog.

E plãt miva weri miva adodiz o møti xa zate adbradiz

we zate nidadwoxiz.

Mi zate nidwãriz ab efi pø weriz re mi alte weriz efi


Xe geviz mi om te pø fiz ab efi pøta zãm impiz din ab

kãbpeni. Al probi difa e plãt miva adezslovoz.

Yu ibmajez xe bez nof pø køiz enpe xrikiz.

Me hegoz u plãt Ãf pø vivwãk pøta.

Cuz zamua u me as xopi bez we zape addãmuz.